Saturday, April 04, 2009

Spirit of the People

Once more to Zimbabwe and a legendary album that single handedly popularised mbira music in Southern Africa. This project was specially commissioned by Gramma Records on the first anniversary of Zimbabwe's independence. Ephat Mujuru's band Mudzimu waVanhu (Spirit of the People) included the late Thomas Wadharwa (sekuru) Gora, Forbes Gushungo, Martha Mujuru, Martha Tembo, Lovemore Chiripanyanga and Patrick Mberi. File next to Paul Berliner's field recording of Mhuri yekwa Rwizi's Soul of Mbira.

Ephat Mujuru & Spirit of the People - Mbira Music of Zimbabwe (ZML 1003, 1982)
Guru Uswa
Ndoziva Ripi
Bangidza Ra Mutota
Dangu Rangu
Nhema Musasa


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I am looking for Sister Sledge "Together" 1977 LP if anyone has it please give a shout out...thanks

The Irate Pirate said...

thanks very much!

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Gosh! is gone!? Please repost...if there are no objections to that...

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Sorry about links are limited. I will repost at a later stage but in the meantime you may need to seek out some of the CDs still available. Check this link for more details

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can I also ask for a re-post of this file. I have a fair bit of Ephat Mujuru's music, but this one has always escaped me.

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Hi. Kudos for posting this. It seems I an 2 years too late though! Any chance of a repost on this one? It seems to be incredibly difficult to get hold of. All the best.

Sun Ira said...

Just found this in my download stack from you. It's just perfect for a Friday evening. Thanks!

Sun Ira said...

Just found this in my download stack from you. It's perfect for a Friday evening, thanks!