Thursday, April 09, 2009

On Sale Now!

After many months of ground work and preparation I am very happy to announce the availability of two very special and exclusive offerings from matsulimusic.

The first of these is the chance to purchase original unplayed (and dusty) South African jive 45s. Two options here:
TAKE FIVE (5) - Pick your own five from the limited (or general) stock lists
GET TEN (10) - We pick a random selection from the general stock list.
And thats not all - we will also send you an exclusive link to a set of tunes from the vaults.

The second of these exclusive offerings is the chance to buy an officially licensed As-shams (Sun) t-shirt. Rashid Vally's As-shams record label was home to Jazz musicians, poets, artists and free-spirits whose creative output articulated a world beyond the brutality of Apartheid. Many of the seminal works of South African jazz including Abdullah Ibrahim's Mannenberg first appeared on this label. It was given its name by Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand) and the logo was designed by Abdul Kader Ali (AK). This is a limited on-demand print-run. ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY FRIDAY 24 APRIL FOR AIRMAIL DELIVERY TO YOU BY FRIDAY 22 MAY.



Anonymous said...

Sweet sounds...looks like you've uncovered some classics going by the about a story on how you found this haul?

matt said...

soon enough...

Anonymous said...

thank you - drooling over all those 45s ... some really stong names there ..what about those of us who do not collect vinyl? Will we get the chance to hear what we cannot buy anywhere else? Peter in Africa

matt said...

Peter...I cannot sell digital copies but if you choose to buy the take 5 or get 10 package you will receive a digital download of the singles you the meantime you will have to make do with the podcasts I put up...volume 2 under construction as we speak!

disa said...

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