Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back in the Garage

Whilst doing my usual trawl through the wonders of the web I stopped off at Other Music in New York and spotted this. Couldn't find anything about the label just a few bloggers that had already leaked it. Looks like a straight bootleg but interesting none the less.

This not an Afro Beat or Afro Rock compilation, the music on this record is strictly 60's garage! You probably always thought such countries, except South Africa, had nothing to contribute the 60's garage scene.....but seems our little world still has virgin places for the obscure garage 45s diggers before going to Mars!!! Here you have a surprising compilation of very, very rare tracks taken from 45s released in Congo, Angola, Mozambique and South Africa. Garage rock, garage surf, powerful 60's R&B... an amazing collection with groups such as H20 (Mozambique) who had even carton boxes among their instruments, a rare track by the A-Cads, the incredibly rare Kriptons from Angola, an Italian sung (!!!) great cover of the Prunes' "I had too much to dream" by Conjunto Oliveira Muge in Mozambique, the eerie French sung "Eh bien mon ami" by African Fiesta.

I'm not so sure about the rareness of some of these tracks (which I used for the African Rock and Roll 1&2 on African Serenades) but check it out.

1 A-Cads - Down The Road
2 Dr. Nico - Save Me
3 Conjunto De Oliveira Muge - Sospesa Ad Un Filo
4 Gino Garrido - Baby I Love You
5 Impacto -Knock On Wood
6 Them - I Want To Be Rich Again
7 Os Kriptons - Billy Boom
8 Conjunto Night Stars - She Only Wants A Friend
9 Os Gambuzinos - Aida
10 Orchestre Veve - Venus
11 Os Rebeldes - Murder By Contract
12 John E. Sharp - Monkey Shine
13 African Fiesta - Eh Bien Mon Ami
14 Os Kriptons - Manga Madura
15 Invaders - No Money, No Honey
16 Os Rocks - Wish I May
17 Os Inflexos - Furtivo Olhar
18 Les Krakmen - Krakmen Twist
19 H2O - Riens Des Mots
20 Teta Lando - Muato Wa N'Ginjila
21 Os Gambuzinos – Kalumba (bonus track)
22 Os Inflexos - You're Much Too Proud (bonus track)
23 Os Rocks - I Put A Spell On You (bonus track)


icastico said...

I've had this one for awhile...some decent stuff on it...

Ronald said...

What a funny title:

"I want to be rich again"

ReeBee said...


alan said...

Can you appoint me in the direction of the link?

matsuli said...

I am not providing a link but if you do a google search using hte title and ".rar" or "rapidshare" I am sure you can find a link.

alan said...

Apologies about that but thank you for opening up a whole load of new music in the last while. Your blog is just fabulous.
Take care

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