Sunday, July 20, 2008

Recycling Pearls

In which Ibrahim Sylla dispenses with the numbering of the African Pearls series and revisits Congo for some "rumba rock". I'm certain many of you will have these tunes on one or other existing compilation so hats off to the recycling man!
Tracks A:
1. Boma l'heure - Franco et OK Jazz
2. Zonga Zonga - Papa Wemba et Viva la Musica
3. Tu m'as décu Chouchou - Dr Nico
4. Tambola Na Mokili -Johnny Bokelo et Conga Success
5. Maria Mboka - Grands Maquisards
6. Sex Madjesi - Trio Madjesi Sosoliso
7. Kamale - Lipua Lipua
8. Fievre Mondo - Zaiko Langa Langa
9. Kamikaze - Franco et OK Jazz
10. Massamba JM - Mando Negro Kwala Kwa
11. Simone - Bombenga et Vox Africa
Tracks B:
1. Nazoki - Empire Bakuba
2. Maze - Tabuley Rochereau
3. Makambo Mibale - Bantous de la Capitale
4. Lipua Lipua - Bella Bella
5. Le Bucheron - Franklin Boukaka et Manu Dibango
6. Camarade ya Kinshasa - Dewayon et Co-Bantou
7. Nakomitunaka - Verckys
8. Toko Senga Na Nzambe - Grands Maquisards
9. Nagalula Marthe - Elegance Jazz
10. Azda - Franco et OK Jazz
11. Libangana Libumu - Bavon Marie Marie
12. Beya Moke - Sakade Band

Out in August. In the mean time - and for my money a better bet - you can pick up the latest in his Cuban Pearls series via Sterns. Follow the links for tracklistings and soundclips

Vol 3: Asi Bailaba Cuba

Vol 4; Latin Jazz

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Anonymous said...

Hello Matt, just to let you know about this 2 releases :
- Guinée 70 : The Discotheque Years
- Mali 70 : Electric Revolution

The last one is available this week and look very good.

Good job with the blog ! thx