Monday, July 21, 2008

Hold On

Whilst researching the forthcoming South African soul compilation on Matsuli Records I came across the intriguing story of Sharon Tandy. ALEC PALAO over at Ace Records put it like this:
"IT READS LIKE a tragic fairy tale: how a full-throated, music-mad young Jewish girl from the suburbs of Johannesburg fell in love with a man of mixed race, and followed him to England, not knowing really what to expect. Arriving in London virtually penniless, they marry, he becomes her manager and both are thrust into the forefront of a vibrant music scene, with records, TV dates and an impending sense of success. Our heroine becomes the envy of the industry via recording sessions and gigs with some of the greatest American soul legends of the day, whilst simultaneously enjoying the benefit of a highly regarded homegrown backing outfit for stage and studio. But just as it seems everything is about to happen, this tremendous visibility rapidly fades, leading only to fractured relationships, ill-health and eventual disillusion."

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