Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I've got a fuzzbox and I'm going to use it

Part 3 of Soundway's deep dig into Nigeria's seventies sounds is unleashed on May 12 - hot on the heels of the Disco Funk Special and the Nigeria Special 2CD/4LP extravaganza. Its a flipside to the HighLife and Afrobeat documented elsewhere. At its core a group of young bands fusing fuzz guitar, psychedelia and groove-based rock. Hendrix was definitely in the air and Cream's Ginger Baker fell in love with Nigeria, making a number of trips to jam with various bands.

Some time back I put together the final compilation in the African Serenades series entitled Afropsychedlicdaze which mined the same area. Much of that compilation was inspired by Uchenna over at the comb&razor site who also gets a big shout out on the liner notes here. In addition to picking up a copy of this new Soundway compilation check out two "Flashback" compilations featured by Uchenna some time back.

Nigeria Rock Special: Psychedelic Afro-Rock and Fuzz Funk in 1970s Nigeria features the following songs:
1. Adieu-Ofege
2. More Bread To The People-The Action 13
3. In The Jungle-The Hygrades [Instrumental]
4. Odenigbo-The Wings
5. Eniaro-Ofo The Black Company
6. Ku Mi Da Hankan-The Elcados
7. Kenimania-Mono Mono
8. Finger Toe-Tabukah 'X'
9. Acid Rock-The Funkees
10. Cotocun Gba Gounke-Colomach
11. Another Man's Thing-Joe King Kologbo & His Black Sound
12. Freaking Out-Question Mark
13. Igba Alusi-Original Wings
14. Omoba D'Eru Ri-Tunji Oyelana
15. Chant To Mother Earth-BLO

Highly recommended! Buy with confidence.


Anonymous said...

congrats on reaching 200 000 hits Matt - twas not that long ago yu made the 365 is my number post for one year up and running ... will be interesting to see how quick it takes to reach the million mark! chris a

Anonymous said...

almost there...thanks for the heads up chris, I'll need to dust off a matsuli special....

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I don't see a link to this one anymore. Any chance of reuploading this? Thanks and keep up the good work!