Thursday, May 01, 2008


200000 plus visitors! Wow! Hope you have been enjoying the hospitality over here. Now if I had a pound, dollar or euro for each of these hits then you'd be seeing a record label and music cafe. To celebrate I've pulled together some May madness. Don't be surprised to hear house, rock, hip-hop and other styles mashed up. Its how I like it...juju, dub and afro funk...matsuli-delic.

00:00 Narda - Trus'me
Tipped by Gilles Peterson from his house compilation for Defected and by the ever wonderful Sounds of the Universe store. Could't resist the spoken word sample at the start.
07:38 Gongo Asa - 9ice
Nigerian hip-hop sampled first on the taxi ride to Abuja from the airport. A stand-out track for sure on a mediocre album.
11:18 Transit Camp - Blk Jks
Black rock from Mzansi. Bring the noise!
14:32 Kalmiya - Marc Ribot
From Asmodeus: Book Of Angels Volume 7 Tom Wait's favourite guitarist pulls out an intense performance leading Trevor Dunn and Calvin Weston.
19:01 Smile, You On Camera - Tumi & The volume
Daisy-age hip-hop conceptualist Tumi hails from Jo'burg. Its new-school hip-hop, beat poetry and funked-up jazz, plus electric guitar.
20:48 Suprise - Gnarls Barkley
Psychedelic retro-futurists the odd couple return with a killer LP
24:16 Burn Devil Burn - Soul Messengers
From Numero's latest release Soul Messages from Dimona
27:58 Blind - Hercules and Love Affair
I loved the duet between Bjork and Anthony at Bjork's recent show in London. Its difficult not to like his contribution here.
34:08 E8 Highlife - Hugo Mendez and Friends
Hugo Mendez puts out a Sofrito Special 12"...who's on it?, who's sampled?, all these questions and still no answers. Just dance to the E8 Highlife bouncing beat.
38:08 L.E.S Artistes - Santogold
I just have an irrational love of this tune. An ear-worm as some people say. Just love it.
41:27 I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor - Baby Charles
Artic Monkeys done in afro-beat style
45:52 Gossip - Cyril Neville
Killer funk nugget from the New Orleans Soul Vol 2 from Soul Jazz
48:21 Nao Posso Te Levar Serio - Saravah Soul
London-based brazilian soul-funk.
52:38 Look-Ka Py Py - Bacao Rhythm & Steel band
The Meters classic redone from the recent Mocambo 45s LP
55:19 Mow Mow - John Zorn
Blues abstracted fever dreams is the best way to describe this album of pieces written by John Zorn for other musicians.
58:18 Jailer - A'sa
More Nigeria blues from singer-snger writer sensation A'sa


DJ Jack Daw said...

Yes! Very, very nice as always! Love the way it builds and love the way it begins.

Comb & Razor said...

congrats on the milestone!

Anonymous said...

Hey great show. What was the source of the openning sample about the record player?

Eternal Leathers said...

I'm loving this, and especially the 2007 rewound as well. Thanks so much.
Wish it was higher quality...gww