Sunday, May 27, 2007

Let's get stoned

Stoner pose captured by veteran photographer Sedou Keita with a whole lot of remix by matt/su

At long last a weight is lifted off my shoulders as I complete the final installment of the African Serenades series. Don't worry there will be more just not quite in the same way. I originally promised Ekki it would stay true to the original Jamaican Serenades ethos of all instrumentals but I wanted to bookend the series with some guitar blow-outs. So here's a collection of mostly out of print titles selected for maximum guitar fuzz and psychedelic thinking.

1. Awareness is What You Need - Monomono (Afrodeclic)
2. Chant to Mother Earth - Blo (Nigeria 70)
3. Sunshine Love - Rikki Ililonga (Love, Peace And Poetry: African Psychedelic Music)
4. Let Me Get Stoned - Boo and the TruTones (Afrodeclic)
5. Psychedelic Baby - Akido (Akido)
6. Groove the Funk - Aktion (Flashback II)
7. Black Poem - Moussa Dumbia (Afrodeclic)
8. Samba - Pivi et les Balladins (Authenticité: The Syliphone Years 1965-80, IN PRINT)
9. Assalam Aleikoum Africa - Francis Kingsley & Emitais
10. Mariba Yassa - Le Rail Band feat. Mory Kante (Classic Titles, IN PRINT)
11. Sibou Odja - Orchestra Baobab (Si Bou Odja)
12. Wollou - Guelewar Band Of Banjul (Tasito, IN PRINT VIA AFRICAN PEARLS)
13. Gbe Mi Lo - Ofege (Try and Love)


You get the picture?


Comb & Razor said...

oh yeah... now you're talking my language!

(i didn't know this was the last African Serenades, though! what's up with that?)

unfortunately, i can't download this till tomorrow, but i can't wait to get my mind blown!

Anonymous said...

It's always a good thing when I find a new blog dedicated to Afrobeat. I caught a guest set that DJ Soulpusher did about a year ago on Downtown Soulville, and I've been hooked ever since. I am also all about the comb and razor too. Keep up the good work!

DJ Jack Daw said...

Love Streams Down, Delightful Music Transforms, Musical Delirium Absolute

gomad361 said...

A small correction - the artist on track #3 is Rikki Ililonga (from Zambia), thanks for the post dude.

Anonymous said...

fantastic music. i've been downloading for days from your site since i discovered it recently. this has realy reopened my ears for african music wich i haven't been listening to since bhundu boys heyday. thanks a lot.

i hope it's not as serious as it sounds when you say you're ending this series.

on the 2006 Rewound list i found Bluebeat 45s Series mentioned and i've searched the net for it without any luck...could you please provide a link for it?

matt said...

thanks for the comments. Bluebeat 45s you will need to send me an email and I will see what can be done...African Serenades is 50 ..its a good age to change

Anonymous said...

I am afraid that the link has expired... I keep getting an annoying message from Hydraspace that the campaign has expired.

Anonymous said...

Actually my anonymous comment was wrong... After trying several times I opened the window before the Hydra thing opened.... I am afraid there is something wrong with AS50s sendspace page though

Anonymous said...

This is a great selection to end the African Serenades series.
I took the time to get into a psychedelic frame of mind, and it made the tunes sound even better!
The masses are now awaiting the next incarnation of African greatness....
Cheers Matt
Chris Ward

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I have been driving around old London town today with this playing ,and its definately my no 1 start of the summer mix 2007. thanks for all the great music.

Anonymous said...

Thanks once again Matt!

That's an outstanding collection and a great way to close the AS series.


bigsteveno said...

Afrobeat is usually not my style, but this mix is awesome. Thanks so much.

droid said...

This ones gone as well! I think Im gonna cry...

Anonymous said...

What the hell? is this some kind of tease; the last two Af Serenades are already deleted. Seems like we get all of two seconds to grab these. Sorry for the indignation, but every time I come here the stuff is gone.

Anonymous said...

Downloads on this site are now limited to give or take one week or 200 downloads. More about this later in a posting on copyright and wrongs. Contact me via matsulimusic (at) gmail (dot) com and lets see what we can work out.

Anonymous said...

Please new link.