Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Odemba OK Jazz Live!

Odemba OK Jazz All Stars: Recorded 7 May 2007 at the Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton, as part of Brighton Festival
1. Mado (6.00)
2. Papa (8.15)
3. Bon Samaritan (9.18)
4. Pesa Position (9.50)

Madilu System, Lokombe Ntal, Malage De Lugendo, Nana Wakumu, Baniel Bambo (vocals); Dizzy Mandjeku (leader/guitar), Toms Ntale (guitar); Djo Maly (bass guitar), A Nzau (drums); Iblo, Didan (saxes), Muky (trumpet)

Thanks to Martin S and BBC3


Anonymous said...

Toute mon enfance !
Dizzy, Sam Mangwana, Lokassa ya Mbongo...

Bravo pour ce post!

Uncle Pimp

Anonymous said...

pity the links are not working anymore. Is there a possiblility to get the songs? would love to book this band for a concert.
pls send to

Thanks, Peter