Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A request for help

I am currently sourcing original Syliphone vinyl recordings for two forthcoming compact discs to be released by Sterns. Both CDs will be double CDs and will feature Balla et ses Balladins and Keletigui et ses Tambourinis. I have received vinyl from many collectors but still require the following discs -

SYL 513 Keletigui et ses Tambourinis. Kesso / Chiquita
SYL 514 Keletigui et ses Tambourinis. I boyein-boyein / Tambourinis sax parade
SYL 515 Keletigui et ses Tambourinis. Quinzan / Il tomatero
SYL 516 Keletigui et ses Tambourinis. Banankoro / La loma de belen
SYL 517B Balla et ses Balladins. Vacillon
SYL 519B Keletigui et ses Tambourinis. Guajira con tumbao
SYL 522A Keletigui et ses Tambourinis. N'nadia (May be "Nadia" from SLP 23 or "Nadia" from SLP 1)
SYL 524B Keletigui et ses Tambourinis. Mi corazon
SYL 547B Pivi et ses Balladins. Como cocina et la corda
SYL 572 Balla et ses Balladins. Hafia / Wilikabo

You may be aware of my previous collaborations with Sterns which saw the release of "Bembeya Jazz National. The Syliphone Years", in 2004. I am currenty working on "Authenticite. Guinean Orchestras 1965 - 1980", which will be out in a few weeks. I also manage my web site "Radio Africa" - which features many discographies and information on West African music.

If you have any of the above discs in VG++ or at least VG+ condition, or know someone who has, please contact me at

Many thanks,




rostasi said...

Hi Graeme,

I've forwarded your request to a fellow named Allan. He may be of some help.

Thanks for what you do!


jeanluc said...

Ask G√ľnter Gretz from Frankfurt...