Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Podcast of African Serenades 30

OK after some trials and tribulations I have worked out how to use the PodOmatic site to upload podcasts (really just long MP3s). You can expect more of these lo-res (64kbps) files in the future. After posting a few of the Serenades compilations I was contacted by a few long time collectors of African music and this particular selection of classic seventies Congolese sounds comes from one of them. Lookout for first tune by Orchestre Kouloukoko and the slow rumba of the second Rachid King track.

Mbale 1 & 2 - Orchestre Kiam
Sana mama - Orchestre Kouloukoko du Zaire
Mongali - Le Seigneur Rochereau & Orchestre Afrisa
Tosuki Wapi Part 1 & 2 - Kinshasa Superstars
Kumisa nzambe 1 et 2 - Orchestre Kouloukoko du Zaire
La vie mot difficile - Rashid King et les Imbattables
Olela 1 & 2 - Orchestre Kamale
Nakosambela kaka 1 & 2 - Orchestre Veve
Mawazo-mwarabu - Rashid King et les Imbattables
Lola Muana 1 & 2 - Orchestre Macchi

Visit my PodOmatic page to listen here.
Or download the Podcast here.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tunes.

Why the podcast?
Why not continue with the previous format? Is uploading a problem?

The content is excellent but the quality is a notch lower than the Mp3's or AAc files you used to upload.

But better something that nothing I guess

Anonymous said...


I realy like the 2nd song.

Great Job!


Anonymous said...

I was going through the track list and then looked at it in a WAV to divide it up and it looks like there you are missing 4 songs in your track list? Check it out...

Anonymous said...

Shit sorry that was for the previous podcast...SORRY..

matt said...

mail me at matsuli AT

Wadys Mercado Silgado said...

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