Friday, June 30, 2006

Reality stealing

Ikenga Super Stars of Africa
Greedy Man (LP; Rogers All Stars ASALPS 9 & Decca [France] 278.155)
[A] Greedy Man / Ojele Woman / Your Thing
[B] Nwannemu Oho / Soffrey Soffry Catch Monkey

A reality stealing bootlegger recently stole the Ikenga Super Stars LP Greedy Man and reissued it with a new fictional identity. Here are the details. Even our good man Gilles Peterson and others in the DJ community were caught. I wouldn't be surprised if it originated from a DJ who decided to print up 500 copies. Any more information appreciated.

Ka-La-Ka Afro Beat Band
Soul Ethiopia (LP; La Voix De L'Ethiopie [Paris] LVE-G7598001)
[A] No More Colonial Greediness / Belle Femme d'Afrique Noire / Every Do It Your Own Way
[B] Le Baiser De l'Elephant / No I'm Not A Monkey / Soul Ethiopia

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