Monday, June 24, 2013

Cape Town Calling!

Here we the Mother City for the South African launch of Sathima Bea Benjamin's African Songbird.I hope to see you there! An events page is on Facebook here: SATHIMA CAPE TOWN

And to celebrate I am proud to bring you a mixtape of classics from Rashid Vally's As-shams label.
Rashid Vally with Gallo engineer Peter Ceronio during one of the many sessions for the As-shams (Sun) label

UNDERGROUND IN AFRICADeep spiritual jazz produced under the heat of Apartheid by As-shams label owner Rashid Vally

1. All Day and All Night Long - Abdullah Ibrahim

2. Mannenberg Is Where It's Happening (Cape Town Fringe) - Abdullah Ibrahim
3. Tshona - Pat Matshikiza And Kippie Moketsi

4. Africa - Sathima Bea Benjamin

5. African Herbs - Abdullah Ibrahim

6. Unity - Tete Mbambisa

7. WD 46 Mendi Road - Dick Khoza

8. Harari - The Beaters

9. Lament - Movement in the City

10. Deeper in Black - Lionel Pillay

11. Cherry - Basil Coetzee and Lionel Pillay

12. Night express - Black Disco

13. Spiritual Feel Riding the Blue - Black Disco

14. Past time - Tete Mbambisa, Basil Coetzee, Zulu Bidi & Monty Webber

15. Shrimp boats - Basil Coetzee

Selection by Matt Temple, MatsuliMusic, 2013

Enjoy via Rapidshare or Mixcloud


The Scenery Within said...

Wonderful mix,

Thank you very much for all your hard work :)

Pigsly said...

I like this site. Great job.

Anonymous said...

New mix---thanks, guys!

Kitanda said...

Great stuff Matt, thanks. Good luck with the new release.

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