Tuesday, March 30, 2010

International Women's Month - African Diva's Part 3

In April 2007 right at the start of this blog I posted a number of compilations in what was then the African Serenades series. This ran over 50 volumes and has had a lot of positive feedback. Whilst I promised to reload these from time to time it seems I am always distracted by other things. I have at least three half finished posts waiting to go but in the meantime I've very happy to say that Ken Abrams, who contributed Number 48 of the African Serenades series (Cuba to Africa) has contributed a new compilation and post today celebrating International Women's Month. You can view some of his artworks a this site.

"As I mentioned in my earlier letter, I've been thinking in compiling a disc of songs by all females in honor of International Women's Month. Originally, I wanted to focus on both French Antillean and African singers, but the month flew by quickly, so, only an African compilation was completed. All of the songs are culled from vinyl, most of which, I have not seen on CD. Like most men, I suppose, I adore the female voice and unfortunately, lead female singers are not common enough in African pop. Therefore, this post is also intended to showcase great African women vocalists that are not as well known, in the West, as Mariam, M'Belia, Angelique, and M'pongo. I tried not to duplicate any of the songs or artists that were featured on the 2 disc African Divas compilation that was part of the African Serenade series, posted years ago. In a way, this volume can be seen as a continuation of those two volumes. Though not as expansive, lacking any vocalists from Ethiopia and the Northern Africa, it reflects what I have in my collection and my musical tastes. Because I limited the collection to 80 minutes, many excellent songs by singers such as Barbara Akabla, Chantal Taiba, Faya Tess, Jolie Detta, Yta Jourias, N. Lauretta, GG Leopoldine, and Martha Zambo were left out. Vinyls were Ripped as .aiff using Peak Pro and Audacity on my Mac and ripped @ 320 vbr from Itunes. I will like to thank musical aficionado, Professor Kofi Kissi Domprey for his generosity. He hosts an excellent program of African music from 12 AM to 2 AM Sunday mornings on wpfw.org." - Ken Abrams

African Divas Part 3 - Compiled by Ken Abrams for Womens' Month
1. G Blem Di 2:45 Akofa Akoussah - Tango LP Sonafric SAF 50.015 1976 Togo
2. Zomvera 5:44 Distro Kuomboka - Dyonko LP- Kariba KARI 043 Zambia
3. Humanite 4:15 Lady Isa - Melembe LP - Editions FrancAfrique EFALP 015 Kenya
4. Djarabi 4:36 Afia Mala - LonLon Viye LP - MI 1101 1984
5. Wamaya 6:53 Asabia - Asabia LP - Star Musique - SMP 6023 1982 Ghana
6. Anebi Issa 4:31 Lady Talata - Mekunu Hoye Fe Paa LP - Research Records RRS
1004-A Ghana
7. Likita 7:13 Jean Manda Ko - Likita - Eddy’s Son K4247
8. Water Nar Mot 5:45 Afro National vocal Patricia Abubakarr
Water Nar Mot - 45 RPM5-12” BL-4246A Sierra Leone
9. Man Onon 3:42 Anina - Kolomou Man Onon LP - Dibena Music DBLP 2001
10. Nasambwe 7:24 Mamie Claudia - Cherie Clau LP - Shakara Music Sha 061
11. Le temps est precieux 8:46 Ma Philo - Batassouagha LP - Phi Pepe SD 15 Gabon
12. Assiya Asso 5:47 - Grupo Missema - PDG 20 ans-Missema MI 2006 -Sonodisc
1988 Gabon
13. Napessiyo Motema 4:06 Aicha Kone - Adouma - WAM 1982 Ivory Coast
14. Salaya 6:28 M’Mah Sylla - Le Rossignol De Guinee - Editions EnimasConakry
SLP 78 Guinea


gilhodges said...

Thank you Matt and thank you Ken. Many wonderful familiar names here and many more new delights to discover. Much appreciated.

Unknown said...

fantastic Matt and Ken - Thank you

Anonymous said...


wuod k

FreddyFred said...

Looking forward to this. Many thanks to Ken for assembling it and to Matt for maing it available.

Cheers guys.

Mezzer said...

Very nice!

Thnaks to you both.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Thnaks to you both.

zim said...

Thanks again and again Matt and Ken. Am especially enjoying zomvera and the closing song from syliphone

Jessi Hance said...

So happy to discover your site today! I'm just sorry I've missed out on all the previous Serenades compilations. Hope you will repost a few someday. Anyhow, thank you so much. We women like fantastic female singers too, of course!

Anonymous said...

any chance of hearing more from the
Akofa Akoussah LP?