Sunday, August 23, 2009

Groovin' Again

Back and in the groove again! Picked up the CD re-issue of the first proper Thomas Mapfumo LP, Hokoyo which was put out earlier this year by Water. Great to have it back on the shelves but they should have asked around for a decent copy of the LP to get a better transfer. The vinyl imperfections are too a little too noticeable on the CD and don't add any value or authenticity. What a pity as this deserves a lot more respect.

My all time favourite men's harmony group from South Africa, the Manhattan Brothers with Mbombela. I found this as a Danish single pressing with the recording coming from the US-released LP Out of Africa Always Something New. Sterns put out a brilliant compilation some years back. Seek it out here. There a lot about them on the web but this link has some nice pics.

Finally and confusing for some...this is not the Hugh Masekela version of the Letta Mbulu UK jazz dance hit What is Wrong with Groovin'. I couldn't get the turntable up and running today because I was trying to sort out a DVD of the series Fishing with John. Anyway, instead its Aredze from Letta Mbulu, a killer dancefloor track. I seriously suggest making a visit to Electricjive who continue to drop all killer, no filler South African selections.


Chris Albertyn said...

great posts Matt - thanks for the shout out to electric jive

Anonymous said...

Very good site.

For sometime now, i have been looking for Matshikos Albums but to no avail.
Any one with imformation on where i can get this music should let me know on:

I will appreciate.

matt said... has a number of their titles....

akmerlin said...

I have a once-played copy of Hokoyo that I could rip, but probably since it is reissued 'twoud be better not to post.