Sunday, March 01, 2009

Honest Jon keeps shaking the tree

The World Is Shaking:: Cubanismo From The Congo, 1954-55
Tracks: Boniface Koufoundila - Bino Boton, Bosele / Laurent Lomande - Maboka Marie / A.H. Depala - Matete Paris / A.H. Depala - Akei Cimetierre / Andre Denis - Cherie N’aluli Yo / Vincent Kuli - Yaka Ko tala / Jene Mpia - Klim / Boniface Koufoundila - Ntango N’Abali/ Robert Yuakarie - Musinichkie / Albert Bongu - Koseke Moniga Te/ Rene Mbu - Boma Limbala / A.H. Depala - C. C. T. Ebongisi Mokiri/ Fabien Libasi - Bengela Ngai Bosele / Laurent Lomande - Elisa /A.H. Depala - Moni, Moni Non Dey / Norbert Yakari - Kioo Cha Nyumba / J.P. Ndagu - Mokolo Bafuti Sanza / Boniface Koufoundila - Tokowela Angelique / L. Lomande - Embonga /Jene Mpia - Tika Koseka / A.H. Depala - Yoka Ngal

Marvellous Boy:: Calypso From West Africa
Tracks: Famous Scrubbs - Poor Freetown Boy / Bobby Benson And His Combo - Taxi Driver (I Don't Care) / Chris Ajilo And His Cubanos - Ariwo / Roy Chicago - Olubunmi / Mayor's Dance Band - Bere Bote/ Steven Amechi And His Empire Rhythm Skies - Nylon Dress /Ebenezer Calender And His Maringer Band - Fire Fire Fire /Famous Scrubbbs - Scrubbs Na Marvellous Boy / Godwin Omabuwa And His Sound Makers - Dick Tiger's Victory / Rolling Stone And His Traditional Aces - Igha Suo Gamwen / E.T. Mensah And His Tempos Band - The Tree And The Monkey / Bobby Benson And His Jam Session Orchestra - Calypso Minor One /Ebenezer Calender And His Maringer Band - Cost Of Living Nar Freetown / Ebenezer Calender And His Maringer Band - Me Nar Poor Old Man Nor Do Me So / Bobby Benson And His Combo - Gentleman Bobby / Victor Olaiya - Yabomisa Sawale / The Rhythm Aces - Mami / Ebenezer Calender And His Maringer Band - Arria Baby

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble:: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
Tracks: Alyo / Gibbous / War / Ballicki Bone / Flipside / Marcus Garvey /Jupiter / Party Started / Rabbit Hop / Sankofa / Hypnotic / Satin Sheets / Rabbit Hop (Version)

These forthcoming releases from the Honest Jons label look very tasty indeed. You can get a sneak preview of the tracks by going here:
(And in case you're wondering - no I do not get promotional discs from the label!)

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