Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Indigenous Afro Jazz LPs for Sale

Right now I am selling a number of duplicates of historic South African jazz. These include the key Malombo recordings, the 1978 Abdullah Ibrahim-Archie Shepp meeting, the solo piano Sangoma from the then Dollar Brand as well as the original Darius Brubeck LP from 1984. The sales are taking place through eBay and you can get all the details here MATSULIMUSIC AT EBAY.

Dollar Brand/Abdullah Ibrahim & Archie Shepp - Duet (1981, YZ 133 ND, NEAR MINT)

Dollar Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim) - Sangoma (1973, Sackville 3006, NEAR MINT)

Malombo (Philip Tabane) - Indigenous Afro Jazz Sounds (original 1969, reissued 1985, GSL 267, NEAR MINT)

Malombo (Philip Tabane) - Pele Pele (1976, ATC 8003, NEAR MINT)

Malombo (Philip Tabane) - Sangoma (1978, ATH 4024, NEAR MINT)

Malombo (Philip Tabane) - Malombo (1984, KAYA 300, NEAR MINT)

Darius Brubeck - Tugela Rail (1984, RTS 609, NEAR MINT)

And whilst I wasn't watching this site has now registered over 300 000 site visits. Thank you! The Movers will be next in our exploration of soul and fusion from the South African seventies.


RudeBoy Noah said...

how do u scan this lp covers?

Anonymous said...

The best method that can be achieved quite easily at home with consumer equipment is to take a digital photograph of the cover and then edit it in something like iPhoto or Photoshop. For web use I typically size at 12cmx12cm at 72dpi. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

"Indigeous" ain't spelt good. Maybe "indigenous"?

Anonymous said...

You can also make two A4 scans and combine the two resulting pictures using photomerge within "Photoshop Elements". You get wonderful results! A bit more work than simply taking a photo.

Thank you for sharing music.

matt said...

spelling never was my forte!

Anonymous said...
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