Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today in Matonge

Chris - a Matsuli regular and my partner in bringing you a number of vinyl treats - has been in Kinshasa this week. We spoke prior to his visit about the chances of finding any musical treasures and were put off by what a number of people said and the advice received. Imagine my surprise when he sent me this picture today and news of a few LPs he had picked up. Safe journey home Chris.


Pieter said...

there's definitely quite some vinyl left in kinshasa. when i lived there in '95-'97, several streetcorner sellers were hawking vinyl. i ended with dozens of 45s and 33s (but sadly all the 33s i collected over 12 months got lost when shipped to the US!!) plenty more people still must have records at home, and the way the kinois love their music, some of this must have been preserved rather well.

happy hunting,



matt said...

1) Le Grand Kalle – Surboum African Jaz – Vol 7: AJM 007 (1997) SACEM
2) Les Choc Stars Du Zaire – Munduki Elelo – ESPERA 289122
3) Langa Langa Stars – Verkys Presente – Veve International – REM 350
4) Viva La Musica 8e Anniversaire - Ekumany Papa Wemab Le Kurur de Kueu
avec Koffi Olomide – SACEM – EQ 3193 – somewhat scratched
5) Sam Mangwana – “L’International Sam Mancwana Toboyi Te” – ASL ASLP 943
– 1981 – Polygram records
6) Sam Mangwana – disques sonics- SACEM – 7930
7) Les Editions Populaires – mono – SONECA – 18th ‘Anniversary of TP OK
Jazz – 6th June 1974 – looks lilke the Lp was pressed in Kinshasa –
“Fabircation sophinza S.P.R. L Kinshasa
8) Jimmay International Production Presente: Izavi: Les Editions A.P.L.
CBC 005
9) Zaiko Langa Langa – Eh Ngoss! Eh Ngooss! Eh Ngoss! – Prozal SABAM PZL
199/8586 – 1985

Anonymous said...

Pieter, I wanted to take the time to say I miss having new posts over at you blog...anything new possible in the future?

Anonymous said...

Matt those LPs look to be great, the only one I have is the ZLL ngoss ngoos LP
I hope we shall get to sample them!
Wuod K

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking the same as well. Back in the days i Uganda I knew lots of people who had huge collections of 45s and 12s which included my dad. Sdaly I dont know wht happened to my dads collection but it all got lost. I bet you if one comaped over there for a few monhts and put the word about, they would unearth lots of gmes. Kep the good work up guys!