Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Double Dutch rewind

My good friend Cheeku alerted me to the fact that the African Rock and Roll Vol 2 (AS40) compilation I made was being used by a Dutch radio show. I checked it out and wasn't sure if I should feel honoured or cheated. Thanks to Cheeku's tip-off I contacted the show and asked them to at the very least acknowledge the matsuli site. This is now all sorted out and I'm pleased to say that if you want to listen to a matsuli special (well sort of) it will be on air in the Netherlands and I think on the web. Check the details at the site here.

And so we do the double dutch with a repost of an often requested compilation:

1. Awareness is What You Need - Monomono (Afrodeclic)
2. Chant to Mother Earth - Blo (Nigeria 70)
3. Sunshine Love - Rikki Ililonga (Love, Peace And Poetry: African Psychedelic Music)
4. Let Me Get Stoned - Boo and the TruTones (Afrodeclic)
5. Psychedelic Baby - Akido (Akido)
6. Groove the Funk - Aktion (Flashback II)
7. Black Poem - Moussa Dumbia (Afrodeclic)
8. Samba - Pivi et les Balladins (Authenticité: The Syliphone Years 1965-80, IN PRINT)
9. Assalam Aleikoum Africa - Francis Kingsley & Emitais
10. Mariba Yassa - Le Rail Band feat. Mory Kante (Classic Titles, IN PRINT)
11. Sibou Odja - Orchestra Baobab (Si Bou Odja)
12. Wollou - Guelewar Band Of Banjul (Tasito, IN PRINT VIA AFRICAN PEARLS)
13. Gbe Mi Lo - Ofege (Try and Love)


Anonymous said...

Some radio DJs are ALL TOO HAPPY to give credit where credit is due. My radio show on WFMU (in the New York City area and streaming online) dips into the Matsuli reservoir with gusto and ain't afraid to say so. My playlists point back to the origin:


Doug S.

Anonymous said...


Went to check. I am shocked. Same playlist plus one extra at the end. The compiler even put up his name under the list. Brazen man.

I know you can see it as an honor, but current media practices continue to blow my mind.

Don't let this disappoint you. Let the music play!


etienne sevet said...

desde Cali, Colombia, gracias por tu musica, Matsuli ! I did compile it and added a marron camandos and a rokia traore track, just sounds perfect ! un abrazo papa !

Martin said...

I am certain you should always be credited, and then fell honored when you are. I consider you an important guide to African music.

Anonymous said...

thx for your excellent blog from dutch capital amsterdam.
as i used to be a faithful listener to the concertzender, i can assure you it's an honor to be used by them ... concertzender started out as a noncommercial station run & dj'd by music lovers and is now incorporated in dutch public radio.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

I am flattered by your way of solving your doubt and I would like to make GENUINE MATSULI SPECIAL for the Concertzender with the title:
Matsuli Double Dutch
(and of course your link again)
For that I'd love to broadcast your reply-playlist, but the link has gone dead. Could you reactivate it?

For the record
I'd like to explain what the Concertzender is all about.

We play all kinds of niche music on dutch public national radio, and on the internet.

I can assure you there's no profit in it for anybody, these programs are compiled on a strictly voluntary basis by me and about a hundred other music lovers from all over The Netherlands. A small staff is paid to coördinate and broadcast. Most technicians and hosts are volunteers too. And there are no commercials.

I'm really sorry to have given the impression that I compiled the songs without credit. I make loads of programs and this one slipped through. It was the first time I copied a playlist, usually I make my own or sometimes I play an entire album from my own recordcollection.

For every song that's played on the Concertzender, money is paid to the composer and musician, and notice is given to the label via our national musical rights institution: Buma-Stemra.
For that a special administration is being runned at our station.

If you want to check our programs go to www.concertzender.nl
the main genres are:
world (wereldmuziek)/ jazz / classical (klassieke muziek)/ avant garde (nieuwe muziek) and we also record and broadcast live-concerts (concertzender live).
Most of it goes on demand for unlimited time for your listening pleasure. (streaming audio)

Best regards from Holland,
and big up to all music bloggers and freeform noncommercial radiostations like WFMU!

let's support eachother with positive vibes and good music.

Wannes Dirven