Friday, October 05, 2007

Lets make that 22 then

In case you missed it in the comments section of the Malombo post, our good friend "op" has passed on some tasty out of print vinyl including this LP from the 22 Band. Recorded in 1980 the tracks include:
Venez voir / Madomani / Atoni yarabi lema/Mousso la tintani / Jeunesse Bar (J.B.) / Kanaworobe

Don't forget Graeme Counsel's labour of love the Syliphone discography. Also shell out some cash for more Guinean gems by buying the Authenticite CD from Sterns.


jeanluc said...

The LP above I have - ha ha :o)

zim said...

another intersting site is that of Justin Morel junior who did the commentary on a number of syliphone LPs, a number of which are online for those who read french

it's at:

John B. said...

Listening to it right now - I'm in heaven! Thanks Op & Matt.

Anonymous said...

bought the 'Authenticite' comp. Wow what a great comp! Thanks for the tip.