Friday, September 28, 2007

Three by two at once! Huh?

Vampisoul releases 3 LP retrospective sets from two African legends at once! It must be Christmas. More details and notes at their site.

Tony Allen - Afro Disco Beat
1. Jealousy
2. Hustler
3. Progress
4. Afro-Disco-Beat
5. No Accomodation For Lagos
6. African Message
7. No Discrimination
8. Road Safety
9. Ariya
10. Love Is A Natural Thing
Complete 70s anthology of the drummer and music director of african superstar FELA KUTI's band AFRICA 70, from 1968 until 1979, the creators of a new style called "Afrobeat" one of the (if not THE) hipest rhythmic music styles of the 70s. This monster pack includes Tony´s first four solo albums: Jealousy (´75), Progress (´76), No Accomodation for Lagos (´78), and No Discrimination (´79). The first three produced by Fela Kuti himself and with Africa 70, the last one with Tony´s band The Afro Messengers. Complete extensive liner notes inside.

Orlando Julius - Super Afro Soul
1. Mapami
2. Efoye So
3. Ise Owo
4. Solo Hit (Instrumental)
5. Oni Suru
6. Wakalole
7. Ma Fagba Se Ye Ye
8. Bojubari
9. My Girl
10. Jagua Nana
11. Ijo Soul
12. Topless
13. Olulofe
14. E Se Rere
15. Home Sweet Home
16. Psychedelic Afro Shop
17. James Brown Ride On
18. Mura Sise
19. Esamei Sate
20. Alo Mi Alo
21. Ketete Koro
22. New Apala Afro
23. Igbehin Adara
One of the most innovative and pioneering musicians of his time, Orlando Julius made an amazing difference to the Nigerian music between the sixties and the seventies. Our double CD pack includes "SUPER AFRO SOUL" with Orlando Julius & his Modern Aces, and "ORLANDO’S AFRO IDEAS 1969-72" by Orlando Julius & his Afro Sounders. A mind blowing mix of nigerian highlife style with jazz, soul, and funk.


Anonymous said...

no download???

Anonymous said...

No...this is one of those situations where you take the cash out of your pocket and support the label and artist.

Comb & Razor said...

interesting... the Orlando Julius material was previously reissued by Strut and Soundway, wasn't it?

zim said...

I think both the orlando julius and tony allen was prviously reissued on strut. Though I appreciate their availability again, i wish that they would have reissued material that hadn't been reissued somewhat recently