Tuesday, May 02, 2006

3 Months Hard Labour - No Fun

In 1967 Prince Buster produced a famous trilogy of singles, "Judge Dread" (Blue Beat 387), "The Appeal" (Blue Beat 391) and "Barrister Pardon" aka "Judge Dread Dance" (Blue Beat 400). The story told is one of the rude boys meeting their nemesis, as the magistrate establishes his fearsome reputation. On "The Appeal," the Judge reaches new draconian heights, while "Judge Dread Dance" (aka "Judge Dread Dance the Pardon") brings the saga to a close, as the rude boys are set free.

Not well known at all is a record in a similar vein recorded in Johannesburg in 1957. This time a woman must account to the judge through an interpreter for having been found "babalas" (i.e. with a hangover). She is unsuccesful and is sentenced to "THREE MONTHS LABOUR, NO FUN". The song is taken from the Columbia LP Songs of the African Zulus and is a compilation of South African urban music from 1957. More tracks soon. The back cover book-ends todays posting.

Listen - The Globe Trotters - Manyuasa"

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