Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Last Bushman of Montagu

I was lucky enough to go to this performance in London last night. Highly recommended. Here's the blurb: "David Kramer's Koos Sas tells the story of the notorious and infamous Khoisan, Koos Sas who was accused of murdering a shopkeeper in Montagu, South Africa in 1917. In this musical work, Kramer re-imagines Koos Sas as a rebellious hero a thorn in the side of the farmers and the state who refused to accept that the veld where his ancestors had lived for thousands of years could belong to anyone. Shot as an outlaw, he was the last of what the authorities considered to be bushmen robbers of the previous century. It is a love story played out against the background of racism and subjugation, in a time when European trade in human remains was commonplace." Until 1 August. To book call 020 7328 1000 or visit http://www.tricycle.co.uk

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