Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hugo Mendez's Tropical Fiesta!

My impression of the Nascente label changed when they started to commission some of the best DJs and subject matter experts for some of their CD compilations. Which means that they now issue some compilations that typically only smaller boutique labels would put out. A case in point is their "Funk Experience" series which has seen the following brilliant sets: NuYorican Funk Experience, Brazilian Funk Experience, more recently the Cuban Funk Experience set from John Armstrong and now the Tropical Funk Experience curated by Hugo Mendez.

The current Hugo Mendez set includes rare tracks and sought after classics that trade hands for absurd amounts on eBay and elsewhere. Out now and highly recommended. Available at Dusty Groove and other good dealers.

Hugo and the Sofrito crew have also been busy with some 12" specials issued in small runs and only on vinyl (until compiled elsewhere!). To listen and for more details go to the Sofrito site here.

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