Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hey Bra

Another rare LP with a hot dose of instrumental jive led by Bra Sello, a popular sax jive artist. He appeared alongside vocal artists such as Mahlathini in a number of revue shows in mid seventies and cut a number of singles on the CBS label. This compilation collects these sides together with other tunes from artists on the CBS label.

You can buy an original unplayed single of Bra Sello in our vinyl offer....the tune Sajika Isitmela/Back to 80s on the King label from 1976 is available for purchase. In the meantime enjoy this LP

Bra Sello with Abafana Bentuthuko Vol 1 (CBS LAB4006, c1972)
01 16-0-16 :: Bra Sello
02 Tycoons No 8 :: Bra Sello
03 Mr Music :: The Big Four
04 Can't Be Still No 2 :: CBS Al Stars
05 15-0-15 :: Bra Sello
06 Thashi Thashi :: The Big Four
07 17-0-17 :: Bra Sello
08 Down Town :: Bra Sello
09 Mthembu Nonzimande :: Abafana Bentuthuko
10 Siyanyawuka Nzimande :: Bra Sello
11 Boom Straat :: The Big Four
12 Jive Aerican Jive No 1 :: Bra Sello


Dr. Puck said...


karl said...

wow this album is amazing.... luckily i grabbed a listen before it was removed..again i've listened to it over and over.. blinding stuff.. many thanks

gilhodges said...

Doing some research just now, I discovered a quote from Gallo producer Hamilton Nzimande who appears to be referring to Bra Sello as a group, not an individual.

I found this via Google Books here.

Look on page 31.

Thanks again for your remarkable offerings

matt said...

Thanks Gil. I'm not convinced. Louise's book also talks about Bra Sello as a saxophonist and is listed as such in the index. My reasoning goes along the lines that Bra is a slang for brother in the way that someone might talk about Bra Hugh or Bra Matthew.

Nick Lotay said...

Matt is right - the saxophonist is Selby 'Bra Sello' Mmutung who was one of the most popular sax jivers of the 1970s, along with West Nkosi and the other greats. Perhaps Nzimande's quote meant that he named a group after Sello?