Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shake It

If you can keep up with Honest Jon's 12-inch output you will know that Tony Allen's Lagos No Shaking LP has been remixed and reinterpreted a number of times over the past 12-18 months. Now all these versions and excursions have been pulled together on a single release entitled Lagos Shake - A Tony Allen Chop Up. The artwork comes from Lagos artist Demola Ogunajo. The cover comes from the Gadawan Kura series of photographs of street entertainers by Peter Hugo

01. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - Sankofa
02. Carl Craig - Kilode (Remix)
03. Bonde do RolĂȘ - Awa Na Re (Remix)
04. Mark Ernestus - Mark's Disco Dub
05. Wareika Hill Sounds - Reggae Land Dub
06. Newham Generals - Tetsuya's Theme
07. Son Palenque de Colombia - Samba
08. Diplo - Fuji Ouija
09. Terrence Parker - One Tree (TPs Spirit of Unity Mix)
10. Wajeed - Kilode (Rework)
11. Salah Ragab - Ole (Cairo Version)
12. Moritz von Oswald - Ole (Remix)

Out now and highly recommended.

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