Friday, April 11, 2008

Fela Mixup?

In which ChiTown DJ Mike Love meets Jay Z and Fela in a mixtape showdown. Here is the tracklisting and the Fela samples used. Download link below.
1. Intro
"Army Arrangement" from, the Best Of Fela Kuti (2000)
"VIP" from, VIP (1979)
2. Pray
"Sorrow Tears And Blood" from, the Best Of Fela Kuti (2000)
3. American Dreaming
"Upside Down" from Album, Upside Down (1976)
4. Hello Brooklyn
"Mistake" from Live! (With Ginger Baker), (1971)
5. No Hook
"Ariya" from album, Roforofo Fight/The Fela Singles (1972) (2006)
6. Roc Boys
"Water No Get Enemy" from, Expensive Shit, (1975)
"Mop / movement of the people" from Live in Amsterdam (1984).
"Stop The Violence" from, By Any Means Necessary-BDP (1988)
7. Sweet
"My Lady Frustration" The'69, Los Angeles Sessions (1993)
8. I Know
"Confusion" from, Confusion (1975)
9. Party Life
"Viva Nigeria" from, The Los Angeles Sessions '69, (1993)
10. Ignorant Shit
"Fear Not For Man" from, Stalemate (1977),
11. Say Hello
"Coffin For Head Of State" from, the Best Of Fela Kuti (2000)
"Mr. Grammarticalologylisatitiona Is The Boss" Monkey Banana, (1976)
12. Success
"Swegbe And Pako" from, Open & Close (1971)
13. Falling
"Mattress" from, Noise For Vendor Mouth (1975)
14. Blue Magic
"Water No Get Enemy" from, Expensive Shit, (1975)
15. American Gangster
"Kalakuta Show" from, Kalakuta Show (1976)
"Wayo" The'69, Los Angeles Sessions (1993)


Anonymous said...

Boy, that looks awesome. Just discovered your Blog, and it seems to be a very good source of music for me.
Thumbs up.

tony said...

This is a really fun disc. Thanks as always

Larry said...

I am really enjoying these beats my first listen through. I do miss Marvin Gaye (Track 3-American Dreamin') and Little Beaver (Track 9-Party Life) from the original album. But this is real fun to listen to, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great site. Unfortunately the download doesn't seem to be working. I'd love to hear this mix!
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...


for your readers who may enjoy this kind of thing, the mixtapeshow also had an 12 minute or so American Gangster bootleg mix that they came out with in January of this year that you can find at this link

Anonymous said...

yo do you have another link for the nigerian gangster. the one up isn't really working.