Sunday, April 06, 2008

Back to Africa Pt 8: The final [OUT] post

After an intense four days in Jozi catching up with family and friends plus business meetings I took a few hours off to visit Chilli Vinyl (pictured above). Steve runs the business from rooms behind a horse-shoe shop! There was a nice rack of South African material and I picked up some original 60s folk (Des Lindberg, Mel and Mel, Des and Dawn), psychedelia (Hawk) plus a few other bits and pieces. Well worth visiting. Then it was off to the airport and I was hit for being overweight (thats vinyl for you). Finally I got to my parents spot around eight and spent an emotional couple of days packing up the house and coming to terms with my Dad's Altzeimers...he's in a world of his own. On Friday I journeyed up to Durban and saw more friends and family and made a lightening visit to 3rd Ear Music to meet with David Marks (pictured below).

Finally back (home) this morning to a white welcome. Its been a long but rewarding journey.

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Chris Ward said...

Welcome back Matt.
Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories with us, it was an interesting account of the two different countries. Those nigerian slogans are great!
Look forward to hearing some of those vinyl treats soon...