Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hedzoleh Soundz featuring Hugh Masekela

African classic and long out of print except for the track Languta that appeared on the recent Still Grazin greatest hits compilation. Uploaded by El Reza

David McDavitt at Afrofunkforum had this to say:
The 1973 album “Introducing Hedzoleh Soundz,” by Ghana’s Hedzoleh Soundz with South African trumpetist, Hugh Masekela is simply stunning- arguably the greatest African-Jazz fusion album of all time, and certainly Masekela’s most outstanding release. The musicianship & creativity on these precious cuts are matchless. All but 2 of 8 tunes are written by Hedzoleh (one is by Masekela in HS style, one is traditional)- and therein lies the album’s brilliance. So don’t be fooled by the title, this is Hedzoleh’s album with guest Masekela.



Anonymous said...

Great Post! I've often wondered why no one has reissued this fantastic record. This along with the recent Chisa records comp is the best Masekela has to offer (as far as i know). I think this lp was also recorded in Lagos with some help from Fela (or at his studio, i'll have to check my lp). Anyway, it's great to see it posted here!

Anonymous said...

It was faisal helwani a lebanese producer who's still doing music in Ghana.Hugh knew him through Fela.
hedzolleh soundz was Napoleons club houseband owned by helwani.They toured america to promte the album.Unfortunatly it was playboy's jazz album of that year so nobody took it serious.Hedzolleh sounds members stayed in the usofa and a second album was recorded 'I am not afraid' but that didn't sell good.

Anonymous said...

ta Matt - have left a message over at El Reza - no track six on the download ... or is it just my download? chris a s africa

Anonymous said...

Track six is there, 5 and 6 are on one file!
Thanks a lot for this great album, Matt! You once sent it to me on cassette, I'm glad to have it on CD now!
I still hope Verve will decide to release it 'officially' one day.



Anonymous said...

On the subject of Hugh Masekela's best album, I would say "Home is where the music is" wins by a mile.

Reza said...

pleased you all enjoying it :)

btw love your blog

Anonymous said...

Is it possible for whoever p;osted teh hedzoleh soundz album to post again? I am so sad that i lost my copy and was delighted to find this .....butthen it wasn't there any more ..... thank you debbie

Unknown said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I'll never forget the time I saw Hedzoleh Soundz at a high school auditorium in Oakland, CA in 1977. I had no idea who they were, and they came out on stage in these grass skirts. I was tripping, and during the concert the music was bringing me higher and higher. For the last selection they came down into the audience, and I was powerfully drawn to the band physically. I got up from my chair and moved in to their circle, dancing as they played. I experienced a state of ecstasy that I have never experienced before or since. I had moved into a realm so profoundly radiant that I recall being in a state of shock for hours afterwards. Hedzoleh!