Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dreaming is free

It's been so long since I really enjoyed a John Zorn album. I lost my way after Naked City and never returned although there have been a number of incredible albums put out by his Tzadik label over the years. My idea of a single desert island disc could easily be Tom Cora's Hallelujah Anyway. I was delighted when I heard about - and then heard - Dreamers, Zorn's new project which combines multiple influences played out by members of Electric Masada. It fucking swings. Take note.

Heres the label's hype: "...The Dreamers is a project of breathtaking variety and will attract listeners of all backgrounds and ages...Seductive lyricism, hypnotic grooves, catchy hooks and romantic moods from this genre-bashing master of surprise.


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