Friday, July 13, 2007

Samba Mapangala Live

Thanks to Scott over at the African Ambiance messageboard I am happy to say that Samba Mapangala's live performance at Afrofest in Toronto, Canada on Sunday evening July 8, 2007 is available for download. His LP "Its Disco Time with Samba Mapangala and Orchestra Virunga" enjoys classic status over here at Matsuli Music.
Samba at Calabash
Samba Wiki



Henri Tournyol du Clos said...

Many thanks for the pointer to "Disco Time".

Hint to anyone else interested in following that lead : after frantically googling for that non-existent record, you will finally discover on Samba's Myspace that "the “Disco Time” LP, which included Malako Disco, Virunga and other hits (was) released internationally as “Virunga Volcano”."

Then, checking with Amazon, you will discover that it is out of print & a collector's item...

However, do not despair, for armed with the correct name, you can now go back to Calabash and find out that the "Malako LP" they refer to in the text is in fact "Disco Time" and downloadable at the very bottom of the page...

Anonymous said...

Is there a set list for this show?

matt said...

Sorry no. Try asking Scott over at African Ambiance.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this live concert.
I have see the group live at Opentropen Belgium a long long time ago.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Matt. Just realized that I should mention that I posted the videos for Marina, Vunja Mifupa and Hakuna Matata from this set on my blog here in case anyone in interested.

- Ntwiga