Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blindfolded in Africa - Competition Time the first five readers to provide me with the correct details of the opening and closing track of my latest podcast Random Africa Vol 1 will receive a free CD. One tip is in the photograph above.



DJ Jack Daw said...

They're from vinyl, I think I can safely say that! But what they are, I don't know. The closing track sounds a little familiar, but I can't get the name, or even the artist with certainty. It also cuts off rather suddenly at the end.

But there are some very cool and different sounds throughout. Not sure I recognize any of them. I hope there are more Random Africa volumes to come. Thanks.

b2v said...

1st track sounds like Martin Denny for the exotica mood or may be Mulatu the great ethiopian vibes player in his US period...

last track I would say Bembeya Jazz, because it's one of the band that appears when youy googlize Sekou Toure and Music, and it's what the track sounds like also.

alors monsieur ?