Tuesday, June 27, 2006

African Serenades 29

Compiler Cheeku Bidani has been digging in his crates and has pulled together an impressive set of tunes with a distrinctly Central African feel for this volume of the African Serenades series. Listen to the rumba/funk of Tabu Ley from DRC, to the wonderful Ernesto Dje Dje from Ivory Coast and to the incredible track from Orchestre GO Malebo. The Ramogi singles were produced at the Melodica record store in Nairobi in 1975 - the same store that helped Duncan Brooker with tracks that made up his Afro-Rock CD on Kona a few years back. Pick this up quick as I will delete the file in five days.

1. Pole Musa - Daudi Kabaka (from LP "The Very Best of Daudi Kabaka")
2. Nazangui Muana - Franco Et Ok-jazz (from LP "Hit Parade Africain Volume 1")
3. Ngalula Marthe - Orchestre Elegance Jazz (from LP "African - 360.050 - L'Afrique danse")
4. Mosasa Ndembo - Orchestre Les Noirs( from LP "PATHE MARCONI -Hit Parade Africain Vol 3")
5. Afrisa L'international - Tabu Ley Rochereau (from LP "African 360.046")
6. Faux Marie – L’Orchestre Tele-Music (from LP "L'ORCHESTRE TELE-MUSIC DE BRAZZAVILLE")
7. Baluti (B side) - Orchestre Veve (from 7" African 91355)
8. Azonade -Ernesto Djedje (from LP "Le Roi du Ziglibithy")
9. Likambo Ya Supa - Orchestre G.O. Malebo (from CD ZAIRO CONGOLAIS 1968/1976)
10. Affline the Pretty - George Ramogi (from 7")
11. John Abila - George Ramogi and CK Jazz (7" single from the Sulwe Label)
12. Expo '70 Pt. 2. - Mbaraka Mwinshehe (from LP "Ukumbusho volume 7")
13. Kenge n.3 - Orchestre TP Zembe Zembe (from LP "African - 360.050 - L'Afrique danse")

Enjoy and give what you can...

AS29 - Download ZIP folder


Anonymous said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks for a great compilation. Tracks 4, 6, 10, 11 and 12 where new to me. The Congo music of the 60's and 70's are something special, to me it has been the best for the last 30 years. Keep it up. Thanks also for helping me to find the Youtube site with many nice video tracks like these.







Anonymous said...

I arrived late at this particular party, missing African Serenades 1-25, but the ones I have caught since have been superb. Number 29 is a particular favourite as I love the music of East and Central Africa.

The Orch Les Noirs track is particularly interesting as I've only ever heard one other song by them, Tshiku, which was a hit in Kenya in the late 1970s-early 1980s. It kicked off with a "cockadoodle-doo" by one of the singers and carried on from there at a pretty frantic pace. Googling throws up no info about the group, does anyone know anything about their history?

Anonymous said...

Two more tracks by Les Noirs:

Ata Ndele ATA2(a) - Oboya Ngai Tina (Michel & Les Noirs)

Ata Ndele ATA2(b) - Brazza Impfondo (Michel & Les Noirs)


Anonymous said...

Three more Les Noirs singles:

Ngoma DNJ 5 289
Ngoma DNJ 5 290
Ngoma DNJ 5 291

zimb said...


I sent you an email regarding les noirs - I've been trying to figure out a little more about this band as well.

zimb (aka cheeku)

Anonymous said...

You can find a bit of history about Orchestra Les Noirs at http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/phil/english/chairs/linguist/independent/kursmaterialien/AfricaSS04/ICE-EA/corpus/pphum-K.txt

Most of it is taken up with an obituary of Moreno, a player with Orch Les Noirs in Mombasa and one of the many Congolese musicians to migrate to east Africa. Unfortunately it isn't dated, so it is difficult to know when Moreno died or who else was involved in the band.

Anonymous said...

I thank by that melodia of Les Noir, is an pleasant one to the oido , Also by the rest of Consonancias,Great Compilations of Songs, excellent job

could place some songs of this Album ? HIT PARADE Nro. 2 is one Production of IZEIDI - MOKOY,


Best Regards

zimb said...

There's a little more les noirs history here:


I've got Tshiku too, which sounds me a lot more like les mangelepa than it does the les noirs in from the pathe marconi on the comp. I don't know if they were resident in Nairobi at the time of the Pathe Marconi recording, but definitely had been by the time of Tshiku

Anonymous said...

does Cheeku Bidani have a web site?


Anonymous said...

I don't know if folks are still looking at this page, but there had been questions regarding orchestre les noirs.

Recently, the muzikifan web page was updated to include a new page devoted to orchestre shika shika and related bands, including les noirs.

it is at:

Anonymous said...

is there a chance of uploading nguashi Ntimbo and Ramogi sounds? would really appriciate. will keep on checking for your updates.great sounds fantastic site
keep up the great work