Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Lamu Dreaming

Just back from a two week break on the island of Lamu in East Africa. It's cold and wet in London and all I want to do is to go straight back to the sea, sand, fish, fruit and wonderful people I met on the island. Keeping me warm are some taraab CDrs that I picked up on the main alley in Lamu Town. I've made a selection of around two hours which I hope you enjoy.
RS link///MF link

And on November rotation at matsuli headquarters:

Issue number nine for Analog Africa. An outstanding compilation of mostly pre-independence tunes from Angola.

Syl Johnson's Complete Mythology from the Numero Group. This one is for completists only - 6 LPs, 4 CDs and LP-sized book in a slipcase. Beautiful.

13 obscure seventies and early eighties tracks from Abijan recovered by vinyl digger Djamel Hammadi

Basic Channel man Mark Ernestus takes on Konono No1 in a dub/techno meltdown


John B. said...

Great stuff, Matt. Track listing?

Anonymous said...

Thanx, great !! Bob from Holland

Steve said...


Ah, "Kenyan Vinyl" aka 'the recordable CD stuffed with magnificent mp3s that you will never ever be able to get out of your head labeled "track 1", "track 0002", "01.mp3", "music.mp3" and the like'.

My very favorite thing.

- Ntwiga.