Saturday, February 28, 2009

One for Dudu

Barely back on my feet again after a busy two weeks in Johannesburg, Durban and Dubai. Friends, family, musical heroes, like-minded archivists and enthusiasts and then a whole lot more. One of the many incredible LPs uncovered during my visit is the debut LP from Dudu Pukwana as band leader. This was recorded in the UK in May 1969 and includes Richard Thompson on guitar. For further reading on Dudu and his jazz compatriots The Blues Notes I suggest heading over to Mike Fowlers excellent Blue Notes website.

These other resources are also worth checking out:

Dudu Pukwana and the Spears (Quality LTJ-S 232, 1969)
1. Pezulu (Way Up)
2. Thulula (Fill It Up)
3. Kuthwasi Hlobo (Spring)
4. Half Moon
5. Yima Njalo (Stick Around)
6. Kwa Thula (Thula’s Place)
7. Joe’s Jika (Joe’s Groove)
8. Nobovmu (Red Head)
9. Qonqoza (Knock)


Wallofsound said...

Many, many, many, thanks for sharing this. This is one elusive Pukwana LP. It is great to hear it for the first time. I'm sure it's going to get a few rotations on my playlist. At first hearing it doesn't have the bite and intensity of his later work and, as one would expect, owes considerably more to the late 1960s SA jazz scene, than to the European free movement that was also to influence him.

I hope you don't mind that I have added the art work to my discography (thanks, by the way, for pointing people in that direction).

Did I say thank? I'll do it again: thank you, thank you, thank you; you've made my day.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great post Matt! I got the "Tears" album many years ago but didn't know anything about Malinga. Thanks!

david said...

Welcome back Matt and what great posts you've returned with. It's always great to hear some Dudu Pukwana, (one of my personal favorites) and it's nice to be introduced to the work of Joe Malinga. Hope you had a good trip and it's nice to have you back.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all this wonderful music...
Thank you for all these informations...
Thank you...
Kostas from Greece.

Anonymous said...

I jsut discovered dudu from onother blog and thanks for this one Matt!
Wuod K

cocorb said...

I'm a long time fan of the Chris McGregor crew and had never heard of this Pukwana album before. I would absolutely love to hear this album but unfortunately the link is dead.

Could you pleeeaaase repost it? I would greatly appreciate it!!!

Thanks in advance!

daveymag said...

yes yes please???? I have searched for this album for years (MANY YEARS !!!!)
while I would rather own it I have come to feel that is impossible. A copy would have to do. Is that a possibility? Thanks so much

matt said...

looks like a reload is needed! soon come!

Arie Euwijk said...

Indeed a reload would be so much appreciated
I hit myself for not checking the internet more often for this album and missing it first time around!

exilestreet said...

I do hope that I haven't missed the re upload of Dudu's album, was lucky enougth to see many times live back in the 70's and 80's and got to know him quite well. a genius like the rest of the Blue Notes!

matt said...

One last time for those that missed this
PW = dudu

exilestreet said...

Thanx man!

Arie said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks!!
Here's hoping for an official re-release

andrea said...

please again

matt said...

And again for a few days:


andrea said...

thanks. I'm very happy to hear Pukwana. Fantastic

Anonymous said...

Please, if it would be possible to re-up the post. Thank-you

matt said...

Sorry but this now needs an official reissue. A number of people were unaware that this was actually released even though they were aware of the recordings done by Joe Boyd. CDr copies have been passed on to Joe and others. I'm not sure if Dudu's widow would have the rights or how much work getting an official OK would take. Certainly the response here has been overwhelming. Lets see.

pedda said...

link doesnt work

amnesia said...

I really hope you might change your mind about not making this available anymore. Dudu was such an important part of my life in London for nearly thirty years both live and on record, I would desperately like to hear this recording and curse my computer for being out of action at the crucial time.
Thanks hopefully.