Saturday, September 06, 2008

Electric Jive

A massive treat today courtesy of a couple of matsuli friends. This LP was issued in 1977 on the Motella label and includes key vocalists and backing band of mbaqanga's heyday. The compositions are all credited to Robert Bopane and Marks Mankwane and the backing band is almost certainly the Makhona Tshole Band.

1. Mathari - Mbaqazo Boys
2. Sibata Simabifi -Mbaqazo Boys
3. Ditokolosi - Indoda Mbhodlomane Zezitombi Zomoya
4. Obadumedise - Indoda Mbhodlomane Zezitombi Zomoya
5. Moratoa Ke Batho - Irene & Sweet Melodians
6. Mmaditaba - Irene & Sweet Melodians
7. Mamokgadi - Izintombi Zo Moya
8. Ngoana O - Izintombi Zo Moya
9. Ntshwarele Ntate - Mahotella Queens
10. Nyalo Ea Tshwenya - Mahotella Queens
11. Hakena Sebaka - Mahotella Queens



Joe said...

This is dynamite. Tremendous, thanks!

MOB said...

Fan-freakin'-tastic. Keep up the good work,

Anonymous said...

Hello Matt,
Perfect music for a grey sunday! The sun is in my house.

david said...

Great b/w photo of the musicians but is certainly NOT the Makgona band. Question is, who are they?

Anonymous said...

The photo is taken from the jacket of the great Ice Cream and Suckers compilation put out my the US label Mercury. The musicians are almost certainly the house band working for Strike Vilikazi. Sorry nothing more on the jacket.

Anonymous said...

100 downloads...its been removed. Sorry folks.

jdogg said...

Please re-up this. This music is of course impossible to get in the US. Please have pity on us who discover the links later than we should have.

FredrikO said...

I agree with the above speaker. This stuff's too wonderful to be forgotten!