Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lost Zimbabwean Classic

The first two Zimbabwean LPs I heard and subsequently taped from a friend (as you did back in those days of the C90) were Thomas Mapfumo's Gwindingwe Rine Shumba and Flavian Nyathi's Ropa Re Zimbabwe. Thomas Mapfumo you should know along with other Zimbabweans such as Oliver Mtunkudzi. But how many of you have heard of Flavian Nyathi? No background information, just a classic LP full of revolutionary sentiment for better times. Have a listen and let me know if you agree on its status.
P.S. If you look carefully you can see a Josh & Kathy's Soundland sticker, the Harare record bar frequented by many looking for exciting Zimbabwean pop.

UPDATE (21 OCT): The tracklist and download now have the correct 10 tracks!

Flavian Nyathi and the Blues Revolution - Ropa Re Zimbabwe (Gallo Records, Disc. KK 13, 1980)
Mwana Takamushaya
Ve Soweto
Ndikakunga Maivangu
Ropa ReZimbabwe
Pfumo Demo
Baba Namai
Hakuna Nyika Isna Rinda


Anonymous said...

Great album. I am interested that there are 10 songs on the album but only 9 listed here.
What's the story?

matt said...

A "senior moment" on my part (and technology)!!
I'm reloading the correct 10 song LP now.

Anonymous said...

Oh cool. Thanks for posting so much Zimbabwean stuff here--I've bene loving all of it.


Anonymous said...

You are an absolute darling and star for sharing this with us! I have been trying for years now to get hold of a copy of the full album (have only the famous title song on 7 inch). Thank you, thank you, mazvita, ndatenda.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this album
But it always ends the same mistake

"Sorry, the free service is at full capacity"

is possible to upload rapidshare?

Anonymous said...

RS link:

JeffM said...

Great music indeed!I'll be in Zim this coming December and will be getting a lot of out of print vinyl.Will share as much as I can when I finish digitizing them.

Anonymous said...

please i beg you if you can re-upload the lost Zimbabwe classic. you can email me @

I thank you in advance. God bless you father.