Sunday, May 06, 2007

Saturday afternoon at Queens

Heres another of my cassette rescues: a compilation issued in South Africa in the early eighties that I taped off a friend. It contains two of my favourite Zimbabwean tunes from that time, namely Ishe Ndivdze by New Storm as well as Devera Ngwena's theme tune. This is a taster for African Serenades Vol 37 which is one its way to matsuli HQ as I type.

TOP SHUNGU HITS (release details unknown)
01 Tsomba Ndimwava - Speed Limit
02 Mangwana Mangwana - Speed Limit
03 Hodi Hodi - Speed Limit
04 Kugare Tange Nhamo - Speed Limit
05 Limbikani - Sugar Lump
06 Chisikana Chezera Rangu - Sugar Lump
07 Mwana Wenyu - Devera Ngwena Jazz Band
08 Devera Ngwena - Devera Ngwena Jazz Band
09 Tashaya Zvokuita - Devera Ngwena Jazz Band
10 Kumadye Nyama - Devera Ngwena Jazz Band
11 Zarura Musio - New Storm
12 Ishe Ndivdze - New Storm


Photograph of Queens Hotel in Harare, legendary home of Zimbabwean music in the early 80s, taken by Tony H.


Anonymous said...

Zimbabwean's music is so beautiful...

Thanks - Aduna

Anonymous said...

an amazing compilation, thanks for all your hard work. it's wonderful to visit this site.

Anonymous said...

Excellent compilation Matsuli.

- Steve

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'm looking forward to the next Zimbabwean compilation.

On a similar note, if you head across to '├Żlowek scavel-cronek', there's a vinyl rip of the Zimbabwean 1986 compilation 'Take Cover (Zimababwe Hits'

Anonymous said...

seems a good list of those times butiam not able to download this file,says has been moved can you upload again.