Monday, March 12, 2007

African Serenades Again! (41+42)

One step forward and two steps back. Playing catch up here with a simultaneous posting of the African Serenades Volumes 41 and 42 compiled by comic store supremo Ekki. (And Vol 44/45 by the end of the week!)

Instrumental Special
01. Mandiani - Cissoko
02. The Quest - Afro Cult Foundation
03. Ceddo End Title - Manu Dibango
04. Nyusamkhaya - Gwigwi Mrwebi
05. Yekermo Sew (A Man of Experience and Wisdom) - Mulatu Astatke
06. Kadia Blues - Orchestre De La Paillotte
07. Egyptian Bint Al Cha Cha - Ginger Folorunso Johnson
08. Lonely Days - Zacks Nkosi
09. Heaven (Edit) - Ebo Taylor
10. Afro-Love - The Lafayette Afro Rock Band
11. Kata Kata - Manu Dibango
12. Grazing in the Grass - Hugh Masekela
13. Midnight Ska - Reggie Msomi's Hollywood Jazz Band
14. Hellfire - African Jazz Pioneers
15. Dubaduba - West Nkosi
16. Afro Disco Beat - Tony Allen and Africa 70
17. Qongqothwane (The Cockroach Click Song) - Amampondo

Download link (ZIP FILE - UPDATED)

01. Ake (Yoruba Work Chant ) - Unknown
02. Emvenyane - Harmony Baca Gumboot Dancers
03. Babalasi - Irene Buyiswa Ndumo & The Jury Mpelho Band
04. Mbube - Solomon Linda's Original Evening Birds
05. Thula Thula - Five Roses
06. Umtsahakasi - Slo Foot King Brothers
07. Chaka - Manhattan Brothers
08. Nthambeleni - Tshigwada Tsha Toronto
09. Ndi Vlubva - Colbert Mukwevho
10. Ngiyalila - Koernag Namadlanga
11. Umfaan - Ricardo Bornman
12. Zulu Boy Kwela - Toko Tomo and The Bachelors
13. Bayeza - Soul Brothers
14. Bullets for Bafazane - Juluka
15. Jita Bug - West Nkosi
16. Yaka Mama - Lucie Eyenga
17. Love's a Real Thing - Super Eagles
18. Psychedelic Woman - Honny and the Bees Band
19. A.I.E. (A'Mwana) - Black Blood
20. Allah Wakbarr - Ben Ofoedu, Ofo & The Black Company
21. Zombie - Ephraim Uzomechina Nzeka
22. Ifa - Tunji Oyelana & The Blenders
23. Do You Remember Malcolm - Miriam & Mbongi Makeba
24. Cousin Mosquito #1 - Congresswoman Malinda Jackson Parker

Download link (ZIP FILE)


Anonymous said...

I get a zip file corrupt error message.

Petter Goksøyr Åsen said...

hmm, me too

matt said...

I've sent my technicians in to look at the issue!

DJ Jack Daw said...

AS 41 didn't work, but AS 42 seemed to download and expand ok.

Sounds good. Thanks to Matsuli and Ekki!

Anonymous said...

Hello, do you by any chance have something by Musi-o-tunya (the Zamrock band, not to be confused with Misty in Roots who lived and worked in Zambia for quite some time and recorded a song under that name as well)? I have searched high and low and came up completely empty. From what I know, the band broke up mainly over problems with their manager who subsequently disappeared with their demo recordings, so old LP's are probably all that is left. Any help much appreciated! Veronika

Anonymous said...

Matt, Thank you for these great AS disks! I have been downloading them since a friend sent me a link to your blog a couple weeks ago for another friend who has a world music show on a local coop radio station. He has a reasonable collection of African music but has been thrilled with the rare stuff on these disks and has played extensively from them the last couple weeks.
I was able to extract all the files from AS 41 using WinRAR except track 6. WinRAR gave the following diagnostic messages:
! C:\xxxx\ The archive is corrupt
! C:\xxxx\ CRC failed in African Serenades Vol 41 - Ekki\06 Kadia Blues.m4a. The file is corrupt
! C:\xxxx\ The archive is corrupt
If it would be possible to up just that one track for download that would be awesome.
Thanks for all the great music,

matt said...

I've sent in my technicians again...please be money back guarantees!

matt said...

My technicians have returned and a new link has been deployed. Regarding Musi-O-Tunya no I don't have anything at hand but I'll see if anyone in the network can help.

Anonymous said...

I would like to contact Derrik Mbao

Wolak said...

hi man, visit my blog too, i think you'll like.
it's about brazilian and world music

Anonymous said...

hello, sorry but i'm french and i speak english just a little.
i'm looking for african serenades 42, the download link at sendspace is not available.
can you help me plaese?
it's nice if you answer me quick.
thank you very much