Tuesday, February 27, 2007

From Africa to Cuba Vol 1 (aka African Serenades 43)

After some recent hiccups African Serenades is back with a blast. Volumes 41 and 42 were compiled by Ekki, comicstore supremo and originator of the Jamaican Serenades series. (Please contact me for more details)

But today I'm pleased to present a killer set of African salsa compiled by the artist Ken Abrams. Check his work out here: PAINTINGS. He is responsible for the painting I featured for the Laba Sosseh post some time back.

My own foray into this genre was via a cassette I bought at the Camden market in the eighties. Not only was this my first introduction to Orchestra Baobab, Bembeya Jazz, Daouda, Marvaillas du Mali but it also contained some tunes and artists I'm still searching for. Since then we've seen a number of compilations and artists mining the genre, specifically Africando who have had great success internationally.

Ken has steered away from the usual suspects and delivered a wonderful set.

African Serenades 43 - From Africa to Cuba Vol 1
Compiled by Ken Abrams
1.Viva Africa - Laba Sosseh (Laba Sosseh with L’Orchuestra Aragon, Akogun Theresa, Disco Stock SA 300070)
2.Seis Lindas Cubanas - Doh Albert (Doh Albert, A Manhattan USA, Salsa Africana Vol.3 - P.1980-Sacodis)
3.Whiskey et Coca-Cola - Amadou Balake (Amadou Balake - Afro-Charanga , Zamidou, Prod. 1582, 1981)
4.Con el Masayo - Laba Sosseh (Laba Sosseh - Salsa Africana
Vol. 4 - P.1980 Sacodis, LS 38)
5.Descarga Africana - Dexter Johnson (Dexter Johnson – Estrellas Africanas Vol 1, Disco Stock)
6.Micorazon – Laba Sosseh (Monguito el Unico presents Laba Sosseh in U.S.A, Salsa Africana vol. 1- Lassissi -.P.1980 Sacodis LS 26)
7.Yamba РAmadou Balake (Amadou Balaké - Amadou Balaké A New York '79, Sacodis LS 22)
8.Ne Dihon Yale – Doh Albert ( Doh Albert a New Jersey USA, P.1980 Sacodis LS 34)
9.Avalou - El Jowania Y Su Orquestra Africa Mania (El Jowania Y Su Orquestra Africa Mania / Missan Bailar)
10.Sama Yaaye - Thierno Koite (Teranga –Method/JFC/Cat# JFCCD008 2005)
11.Sangre De Africa - Patato with vocals Samba Mapangala (The Legend
of Cuban Percussion - Six Degrees- 2000)
12.Li Ci Seye - Thierno Koite (Ubbite -Method/JFC/Cat# JFCCD013 2005)


Anonymous said...

i just wanted to say BIG UP for this blog. i love it.


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a few selections from this here blog have shown up on the song (from the makassy radio sessions album that you shared) just wanted to give many thanks and invite you to listen to my father's show which airs through www.radiotriomphe.com saturdays 10pm-12am EST
the link i left is of his old shows. hope you enjoy the show the way i enjoy this blog.


zimb said...

Ken, thanks for the really really nice compilation.

For folks interested in the African Cuban connection, I recently read a really interesting book which traces in great detail the african roots of the cuban sound - Ned Sublette's "Cuba and Its Music" - I'd highly recomment it.

Also of interest, in terms of the later influence on African artists of cuban music is a compilation that came out not long ago "Out of Cuba: Latin American music takes Africa by storm" (Topic Records TSCD927) which compiles the HMV GV series, that was aimed at the West African market and became so popular there and inspired African musicians to pick up cuban sounds -there's a review of it here:


Also I noticed you used a number of tracks from the sacodis label - there's a nice piece on the label by Alastair Johnston who runs the muzikifan web site here:


Anonymous said...


Great collection!

Do you think you could tell us which countries the artists are from? I know some of them but not all.

James Kirchmer said...

just quick THANKS; this looks great!!

Comb & Razor said...

i'll have to cosign with zimb... Sublette's "Cuba and Its Music" is a must-read. i hope he can get the proposed second volume out sometime soon!

great Serenades collection (as usual)... i'm still trying to get some of the past ones, though! any news about those being re-upped?

Fabian said...


African Serenades 43 - From Africa to Cuba Vol 1.

I have a menssage in the Link,

The menssage:

" Sorry, the free service in your location is too busy.
Please try later or upgrade to sendspace Max™ to get instant, fast downloads without the country download limit."

Note : The Link Expiired ?

Many Thanks


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I used to DJ with an African specialist in the early 90s and he often played Whiskey et Coca Cola. It's one of the all time great party tracks and I've been trying to track it down ever since.

Joe said...

@afkap re "Cuba and Its Music": via email I asked Chicago Review Press about the second volume -- they said it was not currently in progress, because Sublette has been working on a volume about the music of New Orleans instead. I'll take it! But I too am looking forward to him finishing the job he started in Cuba...

Anonymous said...

Hello! great work you´re doing with your blog giving life back to these incredible records. is there any chance of a re-up of this Cd?.