Sunday, October 08, 2006

Salsa Africaine!

In recent trawling and music mining through the net to discover new worlds and what people are listening to I found this outstanding LP by the undisputed master of Senegalese Salsa. Highly influenced by the Cuban craze of the 50's that saw many African hotel bands emulating the sound, Laba Sosseh formed the Star Band du Dakar in the sixties. He has worked with a number of other artists such as Papa Seck and Youssou N'Dour. More recently he was invited to play with Africando.
Without further ado here he is on his 1982 recording "Roberto Torres Presenta Laba Sosseh".

Gualli Sengue
Maracaibo Oriental
Botom Belle

Its well worth looking out for his compilation LP/CD El Maestro - 40 ans de Salsa ... that includes some killers...ENJOY!


Anonymous said...

oh no rapidshare again!

matt said...

Rapidshare is irritating and I try not to use it to host files. Since I found this link I wasn't going to upload it again. So in easy steps here we go:

1. Click on download link.

2. You will arrive at the Rapidshare page that tries to make you purchase a "Premium" account. Don't be duped. Scroll down and select/click on the "Free" option on the bottom right hand side.

3. You will arrive at the "download ticket" page. Avoid the Join Premium signs and scroll down where you will see a seconds counter ticking down from about 120 seconds. When this ticker reaches O you will be asked to validate the code in the download ticket by entering it into a space. Once entered correctly your download will start.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,
Always enjoy the posts & downloads but even though I have downloaded this new one(Salsa Africaine) can't get the computer to play it, just getting a window cannot play this message.
Any ideas.

Anonymous said...

Matt, have you stopped using Podcasts? It's very convenient to subscribe using iTunes.

Anonymous said...

14 kB/s. Terribly slow.

Anonymous said...

Fan-tas-tic mu-sic!

jeanluc said...

Ouh, thanks. Roberto Torres is one of the best soneros for me. Specialy the last two songs are sounding like Torres himself (arrangement, melody).

Anonymous said...

very good :)
sehr gut !
thx 4 sharing

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Star Band de Dakar, aka Star Band no. 1, aka Star Band, aka No. 1 de Dakar....
Difficulty with their name and therefor with finding music of them on the internet.
But what a beautiful music they made, I have some sweet memories of them. Especially the song Sigala (?) is great, but onfortunately almost impossible to find.
Anyways: thanks a lot for sharing this gem and bringing back some memories!

Anonymous said...

owowow, it just doesn't work to download and I'm getting soooo frustrated when I see all the wonderful stuff you have selected! :((