Friday, October 19, 2012

Tropical Sounds from the Matsuli HiFi

Time to sit back, relax and enjoy some tropical sounds that have been rocking the Matsuli HiFi over the past few months! Thanks to the bloggers and reissue labels making this wealth of music available once more.

Matsulidelic Tropical Serenades Vol 1
01. Lè ou ni l'agent épi belles femmes - Les Mains Noires
02. Acobrecou - Ahouanou Jazz
03. Yokolo Pts 1 & 2 - Orchestre African Fiesta
04. Veza Mvelase - Abafana Be Mvunge
05. Phansi Kwaleyo Ntaba - Dixie Kwankwa
06. Swahili - Andre Tanker
07. Claude - Franco et l'O.K. Jazz
08. Nsu Na Kwan - Ebo Taylor
09. Adesua - Sonny Okosuns
10. Bigger Bredda - Lennie Hibbert
11. Tomorrow - Lee Jung Hyun
12. Yumbeye - Le Xalam
13. Calypso Rock - Original Tropicana Steel Band
14. A Non Yi Go - Migan Celestin
15. Pelican Fantasy - Ensemble of Rhythm and Art
16. 3 Reyes De La Terapia - Ondatrópica
17. Lie Lie - KonKoma
18. Thatha Thatha - Prince Paul Morgan
19. Tuson - Rochereau
20. Bninhounnin - Le Super Borgou De Parakou
21. Letter from Miami - Mighty Sparrow & Sparrow's Calypso Troubadours
22. Tshokwe - Mukosso
23. Viento Norte - Domingo Cura
24. Libala Ya Mungwa - Staff Benda Bilili
25. Nous deux - Orchestre Black Dragons de Porto-Novo



Anonymous said...

nice mix--thank you!

matt said...

And I thought dropbox was my friend...I'll load new links soon...

"This email is an automated notification from Dropbox that your Public links have been temporarily suspended for generating excessive traffic. Your Dropbox will continue to function normally with the exception of Public links.

This suspension is temporary (3 days for the first time)."

Chris Albertyn said...

Thanks Matt - now I remember what it was that I've been missing. Sumptuous!

seelephonie said...

Thank you very very much - this really is hypnotic and full of surprises, I´m really enjoying it.

faud said...

Great selection! As always! And many thanks for the credit! ;)

Anonymous said...

Veza Mvelase by Abafana Be Mvunge, Phansi Kwaleyo Ntaba by Dixie Kwankwa, Bigger Bredda by Lennie Hibbert, and Thatha Thatha by Prince Paul Morgan are all brilliant! Thanks so much!

Speaking of which: This site shows a scan of a Prince Paul Morgan record simply called "Thatha":

Is this the same record as the song in this compilation? If so, is the correct name just "Thatha" (once) rather than "Thatha Thatha" (twice)? Or is "Thatha Thatha" an entirely different song? And either way, do you know when was it released?

matt said...

Yes this is the same track, probably reissued on 45 with an extra Thatha added! (Thatha means take). As to issue date I have no reference.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful're so homed in on a specific african vibe...the one I love too. Drifting to this thing, man, just drifting.

Looking forward to listening to your other mixes.

Double Thanks for tracklists...I've got some record searching and buying to do!

Brian said...

Just discovered your site and this awesome mix. A total journey.

Q: Where can I hunt down some of these tracks?

1) Track 1 -- killer, a slow builder with detail. I couldn't find it on the Les Mains Noires site or anywhere else, discogs, etc. Who is the artist? On a compilation somewhere?

2) Track 5, Dixie Kwanka track. So love it! Appears to be B-side of Kwa Nongoma 78. Out on a compilation? Any hints/tips would be appreciated. (Also, you appear to have a label: how about a Dixie Kwanka compilation? I'd be first in line to buy that.)

You're a killer DJ. Do you ever spin in San Francisco?

matt said...

Track 1 is actually is BIGUINE-LÉLÉ avec FRANCISCO, and you can grab it here:

Track 5 is from an LP which you can grab from another blog I contribute to here:

As to San Francisco I'd love to play out in that city...but for now I'm in London

Brian said...

Thanks so much, Matt!

It's wonderful to hear such quality music.

Keep dry/warm there in London.


Anonymous said...


Can you please put "Matsulidelic Tropical Serenades Vol 1 & 2" compils on better quality (like flac or 320kbs mp3) with separates tracks ?

Thanks for all!

matt said...

Sorry but I don't have time to help you out with 320/Flac versions separated....wish I could, sorry!

Anonymous said...

Are you listening your beautiful compilation "Matsulidelic Tropical Serenades Vol 1 & 2" in bad quality...
Please don't be selfish, be generous with people recognize your talent!