Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Rewound

Now there's a problem right there - too much music! And so the inevitable marking of a year past with lists everywhere. Cultural criticism in the twitterage. I do enjoy reading them to find stuff I haven't yet discovered. I've been buying The Wire every December since 1987 for exactly the same reason but now its been pushed even further off-grid so a popular slant on things is always welcome. Having a teenager around also makes a big difference to what gets played in a small apartment!

In the maelstrom of media and information overload the following albums were played more than any of the others:
- Back to Black Amy Winehouse
- 21 Adele
- Anika
- Anna Calvi
- African Skies Kelan Phil Cohran and Legacy
- Let England Shake PJ Harvey
- Life Stories Ebo Taylor
- The Phantom Duke Pearson
- Tomboy Panda Bear
- Bon Iver
- Zomby Dedication
- Brighter Days Stanton Davis' Ghetto-Mysticism
- Stone Coal White
- The Boddie Recording Company
- Bambara Mystic Soul
- Bad as Me Tom Waits

But the digital library is not as reliable as it should be since since I lost my mobile listening devices to multiple failures in the summer. In the vinyl stakes I was pulling a lot from the Jazz, Jamaican and African archives: Duke Pearson, Herbie Hancock, Burning Spear, Gregory Isaacs, Lee Perry, Yabby You, Michael Prophet, Franco et le TPOK Jazz, Dr Nico, The Drive, Roots, Guelewar and Orchestra Baobab. And a lot of time was set aside sorting out the Batsumi reissue.

To bring in the new year I've made a rough random mix of 45s I've picked up during 2011 by chance, choice and trade. Lets see what 2012 brings. I hope to keep the spear burning with releasing more South African afro-jazz classics.




Neal said...

Hi Great mix thank you - any chance of a playlist?

Matt Temple said...

Now that would be telling?
How about the first person to correctly identify the songs will get a free matsuli pack consisting of 1 x batsumi LP, 1 x Dick Khoza LP, 1 x Dick Khoza CD and 1 x SA jive 45? All answers here before Sat night!

matt said...

It was too tough I know...heres the mix tape track listing:
1. Been Such a Long Time Gone (Blue Thumb) - Hugh Masekela
2. Hamba Nami (Capitol) - Cannonball Adderley Quintet
3. Little Things (Caltone) - Hemsley Norris and Phil Pratt
4. Shimmy Shimmy Ya (East Side) - Prince Fatty
5. Koqozisa (Motella) - Izingane Zo Mgqashiyo
6. Brigitte (Columbia) - Kabaselle et le Orchestre Rock a Mambo
7. Bakoule (Columbia) - Nico et le Orchestre Rock a Mambo
8. Immortalite De L'African Jazz (African) - Orchestra African Jazz
9. Pole Musa - Peter Tsotsi, Nahil Pitchem and the Equator Sound Band
10. Karibu Ramadhani (Halal) -The Yahoos Band
11. Beautiful Daddy (London) - Ofo The Black Company
12. Handsome Boy - E Wara (Editions Makossa) - The Rwenzoris
13. Dans Le Coeur Du Feu (Electric Cowbell) - Karthala 73
14. Watou (Soul Fire) - Malcouns
15. Paradise (RCA) - The Movers
16. No No Noo (Soul Brother) - The Heroes
17. Makhanani (Happy) - Soul Mpandeli
18. Make Love - Philip Malela and JB Express

Anonymous said...

Doh, I was just about to give that list...and I now claim my free Matsuli pack! Yours only slightly truthfully..all the best for 2012 Matsuli, cheers, Pilot

Neal said...


Neal said...


Mobolaji Johnson said...

Nice mix...

Free Sheet Music said...

Great mix -- love the picture of Winehouse.

Prohibition69 said...

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Steinar said...

Regarding Prohibition69 reporting "The file you requested has been removed" by Muso - I thought i would be okay to place an inquiry to Muso:

"We haven't been victimized ourselves - but from specific experiences not directly related to us we have seen radio shows (including podcasts) containing music (ie. a single tune approx. 45 minutes into the show/podcast) copyrighted by your clients/customers and marked as "illegal". This is despite it is a legal radioshow stream - considering the broadcaster actually has legal and registered rights to utilize a certain copyrighted material, why is it considered illegal use?

How do Muso review legal radio broadcasting/legal podcasts? Illegal?

Is your "just the press of a button" technology OVERzealous - is it too easy to mark, review and fire of a complaint?"

I will post the reply here.