Sunday, May 15, 2011

Continental Shift

Another month and another label joins the recycling of material from Africa's golden past. Indie-label Thrill Jockey, home to African-American cross-over band Extra Golden, are releasing what would appear to be a two volume retrospective of Sorry Bamba. This release - with the direct input of Sorry Bamba himself compiles some very rare, never before released tracks from his time as leader of the Regional Orchestra of Mopti (later Kanaga Orch.)

Thrill Jockey join Teranga Beat (Idrissa Diop), Continental Records (KP Frimpong & His Cuban Fiestas), Academy/Voodoofunk (Psychedelic Aliens, Marijata), Kindred Spirits (L'orchestre Kanaga De Mopti), Mississippi Records (L'Orchestre National A de la Republique du Mali), Superfly Records (Rail Band), Hot Casa (Ivory Coast Soul), Daptone (El Rego) as well as "old-timers" Strut, Analogue Africa, Honest Jons and Soundway in what appears to be a rapidly overcrowding sector.

I've been busy too preparing three new releases for the matsuli label. More news as soon as the contracts and details are done.
(I hope there is still room on the shelves)!

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