Thursday, April 21, 2011

Record Store Day Winners

We have ten winners nicely spread across Africa, South America, Europe and the U.S.A. - please let us have your mailing addresses so that we can post you the promised packages. Thank you to all who took the trouble to write in. The overall message was "more of the same please". So, we will continue as we have been doing. Your comments really do make a difference, so please do keep them coming. Requests are always welcome.

The winners are:
John Warr (Chapita LP); Rob Lischke (Chapita LP); Tim Clifford (Mahotella CD); Olivier Ledure (Mahotella CD); Frank (dr.crackle) (Mahotella CD); Greg Davis (Mahotella CD); Fabian Romero; David Sullivan; James Silberbauer; Pieter Remes (the last four will each receive a 5-pack mbaqanga 45rpms from the 1970s).


Africolombia said...

Dear Friends,

At this point I just saw the message aparaece on her blog
and I find the fantastic surprise that I am one of the lucky winners. is a great happiness,
thank you very much. much love from south africa music

God Bless all you


Tim said...

I'm thrilled to be a winner, too. Thanks so much for the prize and for providing your followers with so much great music and historical information.

All the best