Tuesday, August 03, 2010

New and Notable - The August Radar

Life during wartime - heavy acid-rock psychedelia, horn and guitar drenched funk grooves and gripping soul ballads. From the Sublime Frequencies label.
Afrobeat legend Segun Bucknor on the Vampisoul label with a comprehensive collection of his politically charged afrobeat, even giving Fela a run for his money back in the day.
Some people loved his David Bowie covers (others didn't) but it was a smart move to appear in the Life Aquatic movie and to find the David Bowie bridge to a bigger audience. This LP has more covers (Michael Jackson, Roy Ayers, Kraftwerk) and some original material that is firmed tuned to the summer. More details.

A big standout track on Numero's second volume of gospel funk (Good God - Born Again Funk) is TL Barrett's Like a Ship. Not to miss a trick Light in the Attic has re-issued the full LP Pastor TL Barrett and the Youth For Christ Choir SINGS!. Heaven here I come!
Quinton Scott at Strut keep us in with the goods...hot on the heels of their incredible Next Stop Soweto Series comes this pairing of Malcolm Catto's Heliocentrics with Lloyd Miller.
Remember Cheikh Lo? One incredible breakthrough CD via Youssou N'dour and then a second in the same vein? Well here is another dose of the Senegalese troubadour packaged up and produced by the World Circuit folks. Wonderful production and some great songs.

Another Afrobeat compilation? The formula is familiar by now and I hope it does well for Analogue Africa. Incredible research and packaging from the top African reissue label.
Bring me the axe - finally from Soundway and containing the track from which the label name comes this is another compilation, this time of mostly rock-based Nigerian tracks.


Jessi Hance said...

Thanks for being an impeccable guide, as always!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mat howsit Judd here, how do i get my hands on some of that Vietnamese acid rock psychedelic gear? sounds bloody awesome!!!