Saturday, June 19, 2010

Joburg Love Trip - Next Stop Soweto?

The final installment in Struts' definitive compilation series Next Stop Soweto...this time on a jazz trip. Compiled by Duncan Brooker and Francis Gooding with notes from Gwen Ansell. Some licensing issues mean that the final tracklisting may be a little different to what went out on promotion. I stepped in at the last moment to help Strut locate owners and masters. I hope it does well.

And then our good friends at electricjive have put out this response to the Next Stop Soweto compilations:

Joburg Love Trip :: An Exclusive ElectricJive Mix
01 Bump Jive No 6 - Pts 1 & 2 - The Movers
02 The Webb - Makhona Zonke Band
03 Musikana - Harari
04 Somewhere There - Makhona Zonke Band
05 Johannesburg Love Trip - Thembi
06 Spinning Wheel with Lucky Mbatha vocals - The Drive
07 Sugar Pie - Spirits Rejoice
08 Loving Style - Mavis Maseko and the Movers
09 Lets Live Together - Mpharanyana
10 Joy - Spirits Rejoice
11 Please Tell Me Why - The Movers
12 Darling Darling - The Savers
13 Mary - Soul Brothers
14 Gimme Your Love - Margaret Singana
"This one is specially dedicated to Duncan Brooker, Quinton Scott and Francis Gooding at Strut Records as a thank you for the brilliant Next Stop Soweto compilation series. Its about time!"

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