Monday, April 19, 2010

A belated Record Shop Day to you too!

I was reading some of the readers comments to the Guardian article on Record Shop Day and I thought I'd finally post a short video I made from a record dig back in 2008 in Jo'burg. I'd originally intended to write a story about Hillbrow Records but if you check the link most of the history is there. It doesn't mention the help Leonard got from Rashid Vally early on when the record companies refused to sell Leonard records because they were being shared in the record club.

Some of my record shop favourites through the years:
Lord John (Pietermaritzburg), Manhattan (Durban), Ragtime (Cape Town), Hillbrow (Joburg), Kohinoor (Joburg), Red Records, Sterns, Honest Jons (London), Red Eye, Egg and Mojo (Sydney)


Love Letters Journal said...

Hey - thanks for the great blog! You mentioned that a favourite record store of yourse iKapa is called ragtime. Do you know if this is still going and if so where is it located?

Finally, a question about the limited availability of the music on you blog. If someone sees the post and likes what you describe of the music, but the link has expired, how would you suggest they best proceed?

matt said...

Siddiq, sadly Ragtime is no more. In Cape Town look out for Mabu Vinyl in Gardens and Revolutions Records in Observatory.
Tell me which downloads you were looking for and let me see what I can do

Love Letters Journal said...

Well, it would be great to be able to access those flat international archive compilations if possible...

BTW,Do you know anything about a
musician called Boy Masaka? I heard two tracks featuring him with
Joyce of the dark city sisters on a tape of zulu jive from here

and am dying to listen to more. Coltrane condensed into three minute slices of crazy mbaquanga jive. There's some stuff at disa

but they are all only ten
second clips, and no further info :( thanks. Sala kahle

Kevin said...


Great blog...noticed you mentioned Lord Johns in PMB - it used to be my favourite spot as well. I have been away from SA for over 25 years, is Lord Johns still operating?

Also, can you solve a long mystery for me...who is the singer that sang "Lunchboy". Was a hit in the early 80's.



matt said...

Yes Siddiq, Boy Masaka appears on a number of early 1960s 78s and has been compiled on a few LPs.

@Kevin..Lord Johns is long is Harwins Arcade which burnt down

Love Letters Journal said...

Do you mean single-artist compilation or various? Cause I've seen a few of his tracks on mixed 'soweto jive' type efforts, but never a whole album of his work. If you know of anywhere to find something like that, or possess anything yourself...

matt said...

No no full LP releases. only tracks here and there. I have some which I will track down.

Love Letters Journal said...

Hey that would be just swell if you could do that! Maybe you could re-release an album of his work on your label? "The lost ancestor of Dudu Pukwana" he he... I'd be the first to order a copy bra!