Monday, March 16, 2009

Shungu Hits reloaded!

"Heres another of my cassette rescues: a compilation issued in South Africa in the early eighties that I taped off a friend. It contains two of my favourite Zimbabwean tunes from that time, namely Ishe Ndivdze by New Storm as well as Devera Ngwena's theme tune."

TOP SHUNGU HITS (release details unknown)
01 Tsomba Ndimwava - Speed Limit
02 Mangwana Mangwana - Speed Limit
03 Hodi Hodi - Speed Limit
04 Kugare Tange Nhamo - Speed Limit
05 Limbikani - Sugar Lump
06 Chisikana Chezera Rangu - Sugar Lump
07 Mwana Wenyu - Devera Ngwena Jazz Band
08 Devera Ngwena - Devera Ngwena Jazz Band
09 Tashaya Zvokuita - Devera Ngwena Jazz Band
10 Kumadye Nyama - Devera Ngwena Jazz Band
11 Zarura Musio - New Storm
12 Ishe Ndivdze - New Storm


Photograph of Queens Hotel in Harare, legendary home of Zimbabwean music in the early 80s, taken by Tony H.


Anonymous said...

Thank You Matt


gd said...

thanks for this.
really great collection.
id love to hear more hot zimbabwe jams like this!

gd said...

also is The New Storm the group with Jonah Sithole in it???

Rocco said...

Incredible sounds here!
I meet today matsuli and liked very much!
Visit my place too

Anonymous said...

if ur going to remove all ur uploads consider removing the links to them ... false hopes hurt :>O