Thursday, March 27, 2008

Back to Africa Pt 4: Hits from the Lagos streets

Today I picked up two of the biggest selling Nigerian CDs from a street vendor between meetings in Lagos. The first from Asa (pronounced Asha) and the second from 9ice. At a total cost of 400 naira (less than £2) I'm not sure who is making the money here. I first heard 9ice on my way to Abuja city centre when the hit tune Gongo Asa had been playing. Asa (not sure if there is a connection?) I got on the recommendation of my Nigerian work colleague.


9ice at the MTN Campus show

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Anonymous said...

9ice's track is "Gongo Aso"; while the brilliant lady's self-named album is "Asa". My Yoruba is probably disastrous, but I could be confident there's no connection between these two ;-)

Thanks for a vibrant website.

Nimshi V.